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As you, We agree that OJS 3 is very important for journal management but it would be crazy ridiculous that,  OJS themes sell online on very expensive price. Hence, it drives our team to design specific ojs theme that has clean OJS look and feel but with very affordable price.

Academic Pro is OJS 3 theme or template crafted with unique and modern style. This templates support Open Journal Systems / OJS 3 version with responsive feature. We provide downloadable PSD files and detailed documentation to help you implement this template or theme.

  • Boostrap 3 Integration
  • 18 Different Boostrap Style
  • 5 Theme Styling
  • Font Awesome Integration
  • Responsive (Desktop, Table and Smartphone)
  • Modern & Unique Design
  • Free Support and Update*
  • SEO Optimized

Dont Make your OJS site like old manuscript

Did you know that the OJS Web display is one of the factors that show the credibility and quality of online journals published by your institution, this will also be a factor in the interest of other authors to contribute to your online journal.

Don’t let your Ojs site look old and boring.

Make it looks profesional by using Academic Pro OJS 3 Theme :

Open Journal System Template

Academic Pro - For OJS 3 Theme

Academic Pro is frontend OJS 3 website template built with of popular boostrap 3 and font awesome integration. This theme extends the default look of open journal systems version 3. Installation is very easy, just upload this to your host and activate on your specific journal of OJS sites, just as easy as activating a ojs 3 theme plugin.
This theme can be used both in the main page of your OJS site or the specific journal sites. It means that with one purchase you can use this theme on all your journal OJS sites. This OJS 3 template can be used in the frontend of your OJS 3 page. Packed with 5 different theme style (as seen on demo). For developer, you can easily change the image header to suit your institution color theme.
Academic Pro OJS theme is fully supported for OJS Version 3 website.  Purchased theme includes the free PSD files used in this theme, theme and the complete documentation as theme guide. We dedicated our self to your satisfaction, that why free update given as a featured.
We give you full support if you need our help to implement this theme, Contact us via WA or email and we will contact you ASAP. Buy this product on this link.

Academic Free - For OJS 3 Theme

Tell me who does not like free item. Hope always be there, Yes we provide the free 😻 version of this theme.  We call it academic free theme, you can download the free theme by subscribe to our email newsletters. Wonder what the differences between two ?

Academic Pro Bundle

  • Priority Support (we appreciate you buy this so we must pay you back)
  • 5 Different style option
  • 18 Boostrap style
  • PSD Files Included
  • Priority Update
  • Effortless Google indexing and Microsoft academia Indexing
  • The First theme for OJS 3 that is made and optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ⚡️
  • Carousel Logo Feature with responsive and smart slide
  • Menu Sidebar Feature with animation effect
  • Mini Statistic Feature on the article reading & downloading
  • Article Date History Of Process (Submitted, Acceptance, Published)
  • More feature to come
  • It has price (Thank for your support ❤️ )

Academic Free

  • Support Available
  • 1 style option (Blue Sky Design)
  • 1 Boostrap style
  • No PSD Files
  • Update Available
  • Features Limited
  • It’s Free Bro 😊

How to get Academic Free ?

Please put your email below, so we would personally send you the academic free – ojs 3 theme, Free no charge, just free.

Theme features that suit your need :

The simplicity of the design, that not only thing that we concern as we crafted for this theme. We also built for what most OJS themes cannot offer :

ojs 3 theme google scholar

Google Scholar Indexing

Made to compatible with google scholar indexing. With this theme your journal would be faster to get indexed by Google Scholar and Dublin Core. We also optimized the journal indexing for Google Search. Rocket Indexing for your journal ⚡️

academic pro 3 date tracking feature

Journal Date Tracking

On the article page, we provide as public view the date process of journal (Submitted, Accepted, Published). Show how fast the process of your team editor for publishing. This Feature can be disabled on the theme configuration.

ojs 3 theme feature

Statistic Mini Counter

We add statistic counter for any article on you journal / issue. This automatically recount by any activity of user either reading the article or download any attachments. Let the world know the popularity of your article 📊

ojs logo

Logo Index Carousel with Animation

Easy to add any indexed logo with simple and elegant animation. Make your journal attractive and show how popular is your journal and networked by many index engine.

Effortless Indexing for Google Scholar and Microsoft Academia

This optimization only available on the pro version. 

Our theme is built fully charge for academic indexing purpose . We crafted the code of our theme to be compatible with what google scholar indexing and Microsoft Academic guidelines recommendation. As the result you just need to activate the plugin and sit tight as the indexing service would be love and fast ⚡️ to put your journal to their index searching.

Let you as scholars be more productive and focus on doing research rather than doing this administrative work. 

openjournaltheme indexing googlescholar

Academic Pro OJS 3 Templates Demo :

Click the demo to test online preview of this theme


Red modern

Multiple Dots


Diamond Style


Education Theme

Blue Sky

Buy this theme now

  • Buy one theme get five different style
  • Single Institution License
  • 1 year priority support & update
  • Free Theme Update for 1 year
  • Detailed Documentation
  • PSD Files Included (Save $30)

$ 100

$ 75

*Limited discount only

PS :  will be increased in the near future

With Priority Support

Payment Support (more to come) : 


*Direct Transfer to BRI applied to Indonesian customer only


We Also provide OJS 2 Theme

If you need OJS 2 Theme, we also provide it with beautiful and sleek design. The Enlighten OJS 2 Theme is provided with 2 different style. Can be used in the main page of journal or the spesific journal

Check Demo of OJS 2 theme - Enlighten here

If you need more info or custom themes contact us on :


Library used by this theme : ​

1. Open Journal System (OJS) 3 is online journal management system as built and maintenance by PKP
2. Boostrap 3 refer to the CSS Framework built by twitter
3. This theme uses Font Awesome icon, to show all icon list click this link


With great theme come great services, Here are our testimonies :

Very Stylish and Modern

Ade Cahya

Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKes) Hang Tuah Pekanbaru

Affordable with good themes and after sales are very satisfying 

Univ. Muhammadiyah Magelang
Jurnal Analisis Bisnis Ekonomi

The primary reasons we chose the theme are free updates and full support for installation including theme manual.
Besides it is responsive and good look theme, five styles, and affordable price.

We believe It is not an expense but an investment for our journal. It is highly recommended.

UIN Mataram : Jurnal Schemata

I seldom write testimony on product but in the case of openjournaltheme.com services, I am highly pleased to state here without any reservation that they have been wonderful.  My problem on installation solved without delay and with promises of further assistance. This has brought succor to me as i know there are professional ojs team i could fall back on in case of challenges.

You people are wonderful and i wish to recommend theme to anyone in search of affordable ojs themes backed up with excellent customer services.

S. B. Omotoso

Edwin University

I love the design that had applied on our OJS site. It matchs the feel of our STIEPAN theme

Arief Zagladi

STIE Pancasetia

Great Job, Thank for your services for our OJS site.

Michael Lim

UTB Press

Check the theme review here (Indonesian Language) :

How to buy :

We support Paypal payment.
If you are from Indonesia you can also click this link to make bank transfer to buy this theme.
Need help?  please email or send message to our whatapps link.

Theme Change Log - Update History

Version 2.4 25 Mei 2019

  1. Add new feature : Google indexing references based on official guidelines : https://scholar.google.com/intl/en/scholar/inclusion.html#indexing 🎓
  2. Add new feature : Effortless Microsoft Academia indexing (others indexing could be supported too) 🎓
  3. Resize Journal Cover
  4. Relocate Hamburger menu
  5. Fix Long journal name issue.

Version 2.3 13 Mei 2019

  1. Add new feature. Disable Galley Link on the Journal Index page (Important to SEO Optimization — increase dwelling time)
  2. Fix Cosmo Theme less file on header link color
  3. Fix article summary style if no article page is present.

Version 2.2 : 3 Mei 2019

  1. Add zoom effect to the submission image and site link
  2. Justify text on journal description and some of the paragraph text
  3. Fix homepage logo padding.
  4. Add keyword meta tag on the article detail page (Optimized SEO)
  5. Fix announcement image mobile responsiveness
  6. Fix bug on ojs < 3.1.2 for Archive page (Article not shown) (Thank to Kawahyu – UIN Mataram)

 Version 2.1 24 April 2019

  1. Fix image width
  2. Fix Logo site width on mobile view
  3. Add article keywords
  4. Add primary contact author email
  5. Fix carousel image height (much appreciated to Mr. Mobolaji O. Tenibiaje)
  6. Fix Reference readmore text overlap
  7. Reposition the doi on article detail page

Version 2.0 08 April 2019

  1. Compatible with OJS version : and 3.1.2… yeah 💎
  2. Upgrade the boostrap.min.js to 3.3.7
  3. Restyle the author section on the article page header
  4. Fix responsive view of the author section on the article page header
  5. Restyle the author and citation panel on the article detail page
  6. Fix Bug : Article would show blank page if no galley is present
  7. Add the legacy page for 3.1.2
    – Article detail doi
    – Article detail pubs
    – Article summary galley
    – IndexJournal Announcements
    – NavigationMenu
    – Registration Form
  8. Fix and add translation to the contact page (mailing address)

Version 1.6 : 06 April 2019

  1. Style the new Article Page.
  2. Change the header style of article page.
  3. Fix the subscription atom icon width on the sidebar
  4. Remove the html character on meta tag
  5. Fix the editorial team style
  6. Add readmore feature on the article references : article page layout 📑
  7. Fix the journal index for journal that does need journal cover
  8. Add text shadow on the article detail section name
  9. Add the New article page style. You would love this feature 🎉

Version 1.5 :  1 April 2019

  1. Add meta tag googlebot on the header
  2. Add shadow effect on the header 🎉
  3. Add sidebar icon example on the documentation
  4. Fix the author margin and padding on article detail
  5. Add border to the panel of authors list on article detail page
  6. Restyle the author list on the Article detail

Version 1.4 – 2019/03/22

  1. Add new sidebar feature : Make submission
  2. New Feature sidebar feature : Menu with new hover animation effect 🥳
  3. New Feature Style the sidebar menu hover effect by theme selection 🥳
  4. New Feature article date history – Submitted, Accepted and Published (automatically hide the date if does not have any record on database) 📆
  5. Style the Static Page by removing the sidebar, to make user focus on the content
  6. Remove the footer logo, so the administrator of OJS can use custom logo for the footer
  7. New feature make OJS SEO Friendly so your site can be crawled by search engine easily and increase the ranking for your site on search engine search (google, bing, others) . We proudly say that this is the first theme of OJS that optimized for SEO ⚡️🔥
  8. Fix Issues Archive Page (Previously the issues description is not shown)
  9. Add Google scholar indexing meta and publisher name meta for article.

Version 1.3 – 2019/03/16

  1. Add New Feature statistic counter 👍
  2. Add biography style and preview on the article detail page
  3. Fix bottom of the margin in article details
  4. Add DOI & Icon Meta On the article details
  5. Style the Statistic of article in article detail
  6. Reorder the “How to cite” in article detail page
  7. Remove border on journal thumbnail cover
  8. Add Make Submission image on the demo site
  9. Add option to show or hide the article statistic
  10. Add orchid icon on the article detail
  11. Fix References header size on the article detail page

Version 1.2 – 2019/03/04

  1. Add New Feature logo carousel 🤗 and add manual to the documentation 
  2. Resize the font size of the title in article detail . 
  3. Add the indexed-by icon list with smart slider support (slide will automatically run if indexed-by icon more than 6)
  4. Fixed the readability on the journal detail page
  5. Added new default base theme page for the article (taken form default layout)
  6. Remove sidebar in the article detail page and make the column on maximum (col-md-12)
  7. Change the size of the article column to full size (as sidebar removed)
  8. Change style of header panel in article detail 
  9. Add icon in the article meta summary
  10. Add Journal Description on Journal Index Page

Version 1.1 –  2019/02/10

  1. Fix Documentation on footer section (add icon to footer)
  2. Restyle the footer icon and styling
  3. Change the size of Header font.
  4. Change padding size of the main content to save space on responsive mode
  5. Separation between PSD file and core theme file in the google drive.

Version 1

  1. Academic Pro Bundle Released.

Ver 2.1 25 Mei 2019

  1. Fix Google Scholar Indexing Bug Thank to Mohammad Rizki Fadhil Pratama

Ver 2.0 10 Mei 2019

  1. Make compatible with OJS 3.1.2
  2. Fix Dropdown menu color and background
  3. Fix Archive Issue


Ver 1.2 — 2019/03/17

  1. Remove the sidebar on the article detail
  2. Styling the typography on the article detail
  3. Add new template file -> article.tpl
  4. Add style to the panel on the article detail
  5. Add changelog as file to the theme folder
  6. Add new theme version to support OJS 3.1.2 
  7. Fix the registration form on the frontend thank for Mr. Bolaji Tenibiaje for OJS 3.1.2 version
  8. Remove the sidebar on the static page

Ver 1.1 — 2019/01/12

  1. Fix failed theme to be activated on admin dashboard appearance tab.
  2. Add notes for the style option.
  3. Add more words to language translation.
  4. Centralized the Download center on the Google Drive manager.
  5. Add the installation guide in the manual doc
  6. Add the changelog in the documentation
  7. The version of the theme shown in the OJS plugin theme selection

Ver 1.0  —  2018/12/20
Academic Free Theme Released