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Grow your Journal without any hassle and free maintenance with our OJS Hosting. Our goals to help you spend more time doing research, to thrive the best for your Journal and less time for managing the unneeded technical issue .

What they say about our OJS Hosting ?

Our client from Poland, India, Italy, US, UK and other countries trust us for bringing value

Openjournaltheme was amazing to work with for our journal ENQ (ISSN : 2329-9339), immediately building trust and operating efficiently to address every one of our needs. Communication was fast and clear. Their ability to work with OJS was very high. We will be using them for all our future updates and journal needs – they have become a partner for us rather than a one-off service.

Dr. Philip D Plowright, Lawrence Technological University, USA

Our Clients

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant OJS Hosting Management for your OJS system.

OJS Hosting - Case Studies

How we managed load frontpage to Optimize OJS more than 290%

SPAST is a platform which was created by like-minded academicians, Scientists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs. is an platform for publishing conferences, workshops, symposiums

Ensuring continuous publication

The Dompet Dhuafa Education Journal (JPDD) is a scientific journal managed by the Dompet Dhuafa Educational Makmal, part of one of the Dompet Dhuafa Amil Zakat Institutions

Reinstall and implement Disaster Recovery Plan for OJS site with OJTBackup

The leading international journal in the field of travel and tourism in Indonesia. The journal comprises a multitude of activities which together form one of the world’s fastest growing.

Our Value

We provide the True OJS Managed Hosting specifically designed for using the OJS system, We provide several important features that can be very well integrated into your OJS using our Managed Hosting.


OJS Support and
Indexing Assistance

Openjournaltheme will help you to manage your OJS with the help of our professional team directly, you no longer need to worry about OJS site management and OJS technical problems. Currently we have provided several plugins that can perform the indexing process automatically to make it easier for you to index your journal.


Highly OJS

The OJS VPS that we manage has been very well integrated into the OJS Software and Plugins such as PKP PN, Orcid Integration. We are always ready to help you for any problems you face in using your OJS system.


High Security

No matter how secure OJS software is, there is almost always the possibility of an attack. No system is completely safe from hacker. For this reason we try build disaster recovery plan system and also your very sensitive data will be protected with very strong security.


Daily Backup

Automatic backups are extremely important for your Valuable Journal and Article. We build our server architecture specially designed to be able to backup every detail of your OJS data to our specially designed cloud server, so you don’t have to worry about Disaster Recovery anymore.


Open Journal Systems (OJS) Hosting, Scale as you grow !

OJS Managed Hosting

Indexing Assistance & OJS Guidelines

The process of submitting a different index can be daunting and you may be wondering where to start and what is expected of you during the application process. Openjournaltheme will provide indexing support services on your journal.

The plugin will increase the visibility of your Journal with the help of SEO, our pre-built Plugins and detailed Documentation regarding the indexing process of your journal on Google Scholar, GARUDA, REPEC,also we provide plugin Index Copernicus plugin for export article to generate an ICI XML  file  and other indexing sites will to come.

OJS Managed Hosting

Handled by our Profesional OJS Support

We have a diversified team of specialists, server specialists, coding specialists and OJS specialists with more than 4 Years of experience on OJS, We have handled and completed hundreds of client orders from all over the world with a 100% success rate and satisfaction. Your OJS will be handled by our professional team consisting of web developers, server administrators, OJS support specialists who help you find solutions and directly deal with your problems with OJS.

Just don’t let technical issues consume your valuable time as a scientist to maintain or improve the performance of your Journal.

OJS Managed Hosting

More Secure your OJS Hosting with Daily backup

Data is well known for valuable asset. This is also recognized for any scientific knowledge on the journal. Any threat can make any data loss. We believe that it need to implement disaster recovery plan to keep and prevent any data loss that can be caused by hack attack, human error, natural disaster or hardware failures.

OJS Cloud Hosting keep the backup not only your database but all your OJS data files to Google Server or S3 Platform by daily automatic backup to make sure it get protected.

Open Journal Systems (OJS) Hosting Price

Starter Package

  • Managed Host
  • High OJS Compatibility
  • Free installation and migration
  • Free SSL forever
  • NVME 5 GB Disk space
  • Automatic daily backup to Google server database and article file 
  • Maximum for 4 Journal
  • Suitable for 400 published Articles
  • Data backup for 7 days
  • PKP PN Integration
  • Free Academic Free Installation
  • Priority Support
  • Free setup Google Scholar Indexing
  • No server panel



Medium Package

 $890 / yr


Institutional Package



*Read  Openjournaltheme Term and Service OJS Managed Hosting

Just one simple STEP for migration to our server

We take downtime worries away, as one of our server experts will take care of you through the entire process, completely no down time and off course FREE of charge. We can also guarantee this process is without impact to your visitors or community, when we migrate everything is like nothing happened.

No matter how slow or Faster your site is, you will feel a significant difference in access speed on your OJS sitem, We guarantee that your OJS site will be faster.

Our Server & Backup Status

Our server status information in real time

Server Location
Server status
Compute Availability
New York - U.S
Frankfurt - Germany
Server Location
Backup status
Backup Availability

Server & Backup Cloud Status

Service is operating normally on the Server & Backup cloud

Discover why we are the right your OJS partner

Free OJS Upgrade
You will get the OJS Upgrade for free which will be handled by our professional team according to your request, so you will get always the best features of OJS and the latest security released by PKP.
Free Indexing assistance

We also provide OJS Indexed Assistance service for free. Currently we have provided several plugins that can perform the indexing process automatically. to make it easier for you to index your journal.

Free OJS Guidelines

You will get OJS guidelines document related to using the latest version of OJS or OJS version 3.xx, in that document we explain every detail of OJS features that will help make it easier for you to maximize OJS features.

Direct Support for OJS problem

Our server handled by active professional OJS manage and experienced server administrator. We are  always ready to assist you for any constraints that are faced in the use of your OJS system.

Highly compatible with OJS

We build our server architecture to achieve high compatibility on OJS system and we will keep updating for OJS version adjustments to ensure you get best features from latest OJS version and get security fix faster.

Free OJS Maintenance

Knowledge that reside on your OJS system is priceless. That’s why we do implement disaster Recovery on external server to ensure the Journal and article will keep intact from any threat or any hardware failure.

Powerfull Performance

We have built a server system that prioritizes the accessibility of your journal with Nginx server and smart caching system. The result is faster journal access  so that it can be accessed blazingly fast and is able to serve high traffic.

OJS Hosting_Free_Migration
Worry-Free OJS Transfers

We provide your OJS data migration service to our server, with free charge . This process is carried out with careful step, so that there is no risk of losing data or errors after an migration.

Don't just take our word for it, look at how our current customers say it

Frequently Asked Question

Where is your server located?

At this time we have partners, with standard data centers that already have ISO27001 certified data centers, namely digital oceans, this is to ensure the security of our client data, we provide very flexible options for our clients, UK- and EU-based customers will be on boarded to UK infrastructure by default; US- and Canada-based customers will be onboarded to the US infrastructure. For other regions, we can discuss where the right server infrastructure is right for you Journal,

Currently the server infrastructure that we offer is available at:
Newyork, San Francisco , Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Bangalore

Automatic daily backup to Google server database and article file” – What does this mean? Can anyone access the OJS files?
No. Your OJS files are not shown to the public, only people who have OJT backup system login information will be able to access the OJS files, which is only you can access the file.

What is Daily Google Backup Integration? How does that work?

Regarding the Google backup integration in the image below, we provide an overview of how our backup platform works. 

And this is the interface of the backup application that we created and integrates well in OJS and has been used on several clients hosting us.

What is the difference between Full maintenance support and Priority Support?

Full maintenance support includes support such as disaster recovery plans, site repairs, fixing security issues ( Patching security ) contained in OJS, and ensuring backup data is stored properly.
Priority Support is support that we will provide related to your OJS or OJS data management process, for example you want to add a post on a static page or you want to activate a feature, but you are confused about what to do in this section, so with this priority support you can contact our professional team personally via WA or email. You can discuss directly related to OJS management. 

Is this include web panel ?
Yes, we give  panel to user  we will help any issue since we want our customer never be hurdled by technical issue. Our team always available to help to setup anything that need some technical setup.

Is this include web mail ?
No, for now our hosting server does not include a mail server, this is because we avoid blocking caused by SPAM email. However, you can use a 3rd party email provider such as G-Suite, Gmail, or any other email.

What is Cloud Host ? 
OJS cloud host is a server that our team have designed to achieve best performance for  your OJS system. Our server armed with dedicated server and hardware to make the faster built for you. However since only design our system specialized for host system, we don’t provide you email account or DNS management. We strongly recommend our user to used gmail business that is very affordable for your for the dedicated email service as our team ever experienced that using email that utilized server IP address can be caused the email trapped on spam folder on any receiver email system.
For DNS management, it actually available on any domain management. Just contact us to help you to setup the DNS if you need.

Can I access the the backup ?
Sure, all the data is belong to you. We don’t hold any right to keep, publicize your data or using your data for any purpose without your knowledge. We send you email if you need to get your data backup that our system periodically have been created. Please read our service term on this page.

What is the minimum rent period for this services  ?
Our policy is you should order our services for minimum 1 year period. To make sure that you get the best from us, we give you evaluation period which is 1 month. If you feel that, we cannot give you satisfaction on those period, we committed to give you 11 month refund.

How can you we get any support ?
You can contact us on our direct WA number, send any message to our FB Page or email to support@gmail.com

What is the maintenance of OJS mean ?
We give the maintenance for your journal by doing upgrade for your journal, server monitoring on your journal, updating the server application, doing analysis on the server activity. Fixing your OJS problem

Can you give us the formal quotation document ?
Sure, send any inquires to support@openjournaltheme.com

What is the maintenance of OJS mean ?
We give the maintenance for your journal by doing upgrade for your journal, server monitoring on your journal, updating the server application, doing analysis on the server activity.

What is True OJS Support mean ?

We provide direct support services without using tickets, you can contact us using WhatsApp or email to our customer support directly and it will be handled directly by our professional team.

Open Journal Theme

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Openjournaltheme.com started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

Under the legal company name :
Inovasi Informatik Sinergi Inc.

Secure Payment :

All the clients financial account data is stored in the respective third-party site (such as Paypal, Wise and Direct Payment).
Your financial account is guaranteed protected. We never keep any of the clients’ financial data.