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RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is one of indexing or bibliographic service that is provided to enhance the dissemination of research in Economics and related sciences. The collected data from this database then will be used in various other service such as LogEcCitEc and other services.

Journals indexed by RePEc have a special attraction for prospective journal writers. Many of the authors always pay attention to indexing what has been registered in a journal, this is an important consideration for them before publishing the manuscript to the journal. So that journals that have been indexed in RePEc will provide many benefits for writers and journal managers themselves.

So, the journal that have registered in the RePec index will have the potential to get more indexing, such as Ideas, Econ Papers, Logec, Ebsco and many other indexing.

Our OJS integrated RePec Plugin is recommended by Ideas RePec. 

Other additional service using RePEc

Benefits of RePEc Indexing

  • ✔️ Increase publication exposure
  • ✔️ Add journal indexing to the other services
  • ✔️ Increase potential citation 
  • ✔️ Get academic ranking analysis by RePEc
  • ✔️ Improve journal commitment to the Open Access
  • ✔️ Easier to be found an article on search engine
  • ✔️ Prevent article plagiarism

          *required OJS minimum version 3.2.1-1

What our clients say about this plugin:

What are the advantages for using the plugin:


Integrated in OJS

The RePEc plugin is built and developed to integrate with OJS. With this plugin you don’t need to generate rdf file for articles and issues because it will be integrated automatically.


One Click

We provide a one-click rdf creation. Makes it easy to producing article data in the form .rdf file. Using the plugin wizard to add the RePec folder and activating the plugin


Automatically RDF files creation

By using the RePEc plugin, you don’t need to waste time inputting manual data to output an rdf on file.


Smart synchronize

Improve the functionality by automatic monitoring feature that will update any rdf file once you update any article or issue on your OJS system


Future Update

You can use the plugin forever with 1 year free update. We also consistently release regular maintenance and updates for the plugin.

Plugin Workflow

Our Valuable Customer :

Repec Plugin Packages subscibtion :

Repec free quote

  • 25 Quota generate .rdf
  • OJS 3 ready plugin
  • Detailed documentation provided
  • One-click .rdf file generation and easy to install.
  • 1 journal usage
  • Forever usage
  • Free updates and support for 1 year

*Make sure your Journal is registered with RePEc, 
*Minimum OJS version is 3.2.0. 



Repec subscibtion package

  • 35 Quota generate .rdf
  • OJS 3 ready plugin
  • Detailed documentation provided
  • One-click .rdf file generation and easy to install.
  • 1 journal usage
  • Forever usage
  • Free updates and support for 1 year



Frequently Asked Question

Single journal license means that you can use our product on your journals (maximum 1 journal) that published by your institution. However you can use the theme index homepage (page that show list of journal) for all of your journals. Mass buy ? talk to us we would give you special discount. 

Yes absolutely. Our 1 year support and update term mean that we would give you 1 year support and guarantee to get update from our developer team.

However you can use the theme forever. If you want to continue the support, it is required to purchase the support for 1 years with 50% cost from initial theme package prices. 

Your support on our team would help us to improve any product that we had released. It also to maintain the compatibility of any new releases of OJS from PKP. 

Yes or no. If you buy the basic package (listed on our pricing page) we don’t provide installation but we provide detailed documentation and support. 

Yes if you choose that package from our price page that include installation service. But no worries this theme setup is very easy with detail steps are provided in the manual. 

After you have purchased the theme, you will get the free support and update for 1 year. This also mean that we give you guarantee for the theme to work in 1 year as our commitment to our product quality to you. 

If you have any issue with our product you will be helped by our dedicated staff

Nothing happen, everything will work as it used to be. Our product never do some nasty thing by removing any feature after the 1 year free update and support is passed. We believe that it is our commitment on the transparency and quality product.

Remember that the theme can be used forever. Updating the theme is not a mandatory. After purchasing the theme you will get perpetual license that can be used forever. 

If you want to continue the support, it is required to purchase the support for 1 years with 50% cost from initial theme prices. Your support on our team would help us to improve any product that we had released. It also to maintain the compatibility of any new releases of OJS from PKP.

No, after you have purchased the theme you only get the usage license not the license that allow to resell our product. Read more about this in this page

However if you need to resell this, we provide affiliate program, just send us a message about it. 

We would give support which is related to the installation and the implementation of the features of the theme. The support does not include custom customization of the theme. We provide support priority by using email or Whatapp. We may need your server or OJS credential if we need to handle your problem directly.

Yes just contact our team by using email or WhatsApp.

You can also send us message on this contact us form.

Off course, we work for our customer and we would strive to give best product based on their need. Just send us any message we would consider it to include the new feature if it really needed to the new release.

We don’t provide refund but yes we provide guarantee if the features that include in the theme is not work.

Guarantee is in kind of the immediate fix that reported by any of our client.  Guarantee does not cover if you make custom modification that adding feature that different with demo presentation. Make sure you read all the our terms of service.

Sure, send us a message on the contact us menu link. 
We will send you an update immediately

Question About RePEc Plugin

Currently we know that RePEc can collect data on journals in the scope of economics, but to ensure this you can contact Kit Baum or Christian Zimmermann and ask them if your journal can be registered with RePEc Indexing, if your journal meets the criteria of RePEc then you will get unique code (3 characters) that represent your journal identity.

Please send a request to get your 3 journal Identity codes to RePEc, you can send an email to the RePEc representative that we have stated on the plugin manual. 

After you are finished setting up RePEc metadata on your server using the Repec Plugin, you will get indexed decisions after informing the metadata location of the RePEc server by contacting Kit Baum or Christian Zimmermann. RePEc plugin only helps generate all published articles into RDF files.

This workflow will explain how this plugin interact with RePEc & OJS and your role as journal manager for make it works. 

Every change made to the metadata information on your server, RePEc will generate the data within 1×24 hours.

Make sure your RePEc folder is public accessible and make sure no problems are found.

Every 1 RePEc license that we provide can only be used for 1 journal, so if you want to use this plugin in other journals then you have to make another purchase.

Of course, you can choose the Complete Service package so that all processes from begining to finish are carried out by the Openjournaltheme team, please note that we need access to OJS and your server/CPanel to carry on this process.

Before the plugin is activated we ask our clients to back up the .rdf file data that has been input previously, this is because our plugin will recreate the new version based on the metadata of the article  taken from OJS database.

Then if there is a new article that has been published automatically the RePEc plugin will generate a new .rdf file, and this is one of this plugin specials features that is if you previously edited the data in the old article, then you don’t need to edit the .rdf file because with RePEc plugin automatically synchronize the new meta data to the rdf file. 

We do not provide any refund, but we surely give you a full warranty for this plugin that will generate the RDF files on your OJS without any problem. 

However, if you choose our complete package we provide a 50% refund if it is not working.

Note that the decision of getting indexed on RePEc is decided by the RePEc representative. 

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