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repec indexing plugin

RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is one of indexing or bibliographic service that is provided to enhance the dissemination of research in Economics and related sciences. The collected data from this database then will be used in various other service such as LogEcCitEc and other services.

Journals indexed by RePEc have a special attraction for prospective journal writers. Many of the authors always pay attention to indexing what has been registered in a journal, this is an important consideration for them before publishing the manuscript to the journal. So that journals that have been indexed in RePEc will provide many benefits for writers and journal managers themselves.

So, the journal that have registered in the RePec index will have the potential to get more indexing, such as Ideas, Econ Papers, Logec, Ebsco and many other indexing.

Our OJS integrated RePec Plugin is recommended by Ideas RePec. 

Other additional service using RePEc

Benefits of RePEc Indexing

  • ✔️ Increase publication exposure
  • ✔️ Add journal indexing to the other services
  • ✔️ Increase potential citation 
  • ✔️ Get academic ranking analysis by RePEc
  • ✔️ Improve journal commitment to the Open Access
  • ✔️ Easier to be found an article on search engine
  • ✔️ Prevent article plagiarism

          *required OJS minimum version 3.2.1-1

What are the advantages for using the plugin:


Integrated in OJS

The RePEc plugin is built and developed to integrate with OJS. With this plugin you don’t need to generate rdf file for articles and issues because it will be integrated automatically.


One Click

We provide a one-click rdf creation. Makes it easy to producing article data in the form .rdf file. Using the plugin wizard to add the RePec folder and activating the plugin


Automatically RDF files creation

By using the RePEc plugin, you don’t need to waste time inputting manual data to output an rdf on file.


Smart synchronize

Improve the functionality by automatic monitoring feature that will update any rdf file once you update any article or issue on your OJS system


Future Update

We also consistently release regular maintenance and updates for the plugin.

Plugin Workflow

Repec Plugin Packages :

Plugin Only

  • OJS 3 ready plugin
  • Detailed documentation provided
  • One-click .rdf file generation and easy to install
  • 1 journal usage
  • Forever usage
  • Free update and support for 1 year

*Make sure your Journal is registered with RePEc


+Installation Service

  • Including the previous packages
  • Including plugin installation
  • Ready to use
  • 1 journal usage
  • Forever usage
  • Free update and support for 1 years

*Make sure your Journal is registered with RePEc
*Requires access to the server / cpanel


+Complete Service

  • Including the previous packages
  • Registration for RePEc indexing handle by our team
  • Configuration the RePEc requirements by our team
  • Free 1 hour training
  • 1 journal usage
  • Forever usage
  • Free update and support for 1 years
*Requires access to the server/Cpanel
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