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Openjournaltheme always committed to continuously contributing to product development in publishing services, accommodating the process of publishing books in the form of products that we have carefully designed according to the needs of publishers in the use of the open monograph press. That’s why we have been trusted by many publishers from all over the world to help you succeed in publishing their journals.

Our vision is to allow any publisher to focus on their book, monograph and improve its reach rather than hurled by the non essential technical issue.

We provide the product and service for Open Monograph System (OMP). Many leading publishers have been trusted us and contented with our service as our commitment to conduct professional work.

About Open Monograph Press (OMP)

Open Monograph Press is an open source software platform for managing and publishing scientific books, OMP was released by PKP in 2012. It can be used to manage the editorial workflows required for viewing monographs, edited volumes and scientific editions through internal reviews. and external, editing, cataloging, production, and publication. The OMP can also operate as a press site with catalog, distribution, and sales capacity.

As with OJS software, OMP and other PKP software applications are available in multilingual. This greatly allows the software interface to be available in multiple languages and allows the publication to be published in multiple languages. PKP aims to support English, French, Spanish and Portuguese translations for each application and more. The outstanding contributions of community members have translated the software into many additional languages.


Open Monograph Press Services

Why use OMP?

Let’s imagine this fact. One lecturer on the campus has written one book. This book, however, has to give a big impact on academic society and lead to many others cite this book in their scientific article.

Unfortunately, the author of the book never gets the deserved credit from this citation, his/her Google Scholar is empty or seems like no one uses his book as a reference although this is conversing with the fact. This is caused that this book never published on the appropriate platform, the book may be published on some site but never get indexed by the indexing service such as Google Scholar, Base, Microsoft Academia. The author never gets recognized for his/her work dedication….read more

Yes, we understand that the OMP of your system must be presented with the best performance and appearance, which is why it is our team’s job to make sure it happens. The result is the best presentation for your OMP with a concept that is more focused on the results of book publishing and other important features that we can provide on some of our services.

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I am the editor and manager of 6 Journals from Universidad Catolica in Ecuador. The Openjournaltheme team made a great job of helping us solve our issue.
They are highly qualified, they resolve every issue with great professionalism and dedication

Gonzalo Vargas, Universidad Católica – Ecuador

Our Services

We provide OMP installation, upgrade, theme and plugins

OMP Upgrade

Openjournaltheme provides OMP upgrade services. OMP system should be updated regularly to get the additional new features and to make your OMP system more secure. If you need to upgrade your Open Monograph press to Latest version with professional care by our team, order our services here.

OMP Theme

We focused to provide more affordable and high quality Open Monograph themes and services that can help you to improve your OMP. Not just we are concerned about the detailed element of the design, we also complete our theme with many essential and must have features.

OMP Fix bugs

If you need help on any problem on your OMP site using the Open Monograph Press. We will handle it with detailed analysis and communicate the process with you. Problem when there is something that seems not right in the process of managing your Monograph press and other things.

OMP Migration

Open Journal Theme provides OMP Migration to move your Monograph system from your current server to another. Our team will help you migrate yourOpen Monograph Press system and other essential data to another server with careful steps to ensure your data is safe.

Open Monograph Press Theme

Make it easier for your visitors to find what they need, flaunt the credibility of your book publishing system as a strong invitation to the best book authors, their best submissions, attract top reviewers and increase stay time on your monograph press system.

Why using our themes :

✔️ Compatible with Indexing including Google Scholar

✔️ Save / Import citation to various formats such as APA, IEEE, Harvard, and other formats
(the only OMP theme that provides this feature – even the default OMP theme does not provide this)

✔️ Responsive layout (desktop, tablet, and mobile)

✔️ Slide feature available

✔️ Unique and crafted with a professional design concept

✔️ Get a periodic updates from our dedicated staff

Catalog - OMP Responsive theme

Better theme with responsive design


Library - OMP Responsive theme

Make your OMP looks what it deserved.


open Monograph Press

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We are a team of passionate publishing system service professionals, we have been trusted by thousands of customer orders from all over the world with 100% success and satisfaction rates. . Whether you’re a book publisher innovating for the future, As we have throughout 4 years, we have brought our quality work to more than 1200 publishers around the world and have been trusted by many of publishers that implement our products or services. We are very grateful for this and this made possible because we believe in long term relation, transparency and focus to bring a positive impact on each of our work.


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To realize transparency and candour to our clients, in every service we that we have provided we always include brief reports that we share with you, so that you get the best results with careful scrutiny by both parties.

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Openjournaltheme has a good track record of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of publishing platform system services  around the world. started in 2018 by a passionate team that focused on providing an affordable Publishing platform system. Our team initiated this company to help many publishers to be more focused on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues. We are proud that we can help any user and involve in collaboration with OJS developers to solve and report any issue by improving OJS core code.

As we have throughout 3 years, we have brought our quality work to more than 600 publishers around the world and have been trusted by many publishers that implement our products or services. We are very grateful for this and this made possible because we believe in long term relation, transparency and focus to bring a positive impact on each of our work.

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