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Fix OJS issue


We provide Fix OJS service :

✔️ Fix any problem on your OJS System
✔️ Fix any problem on your OJS Server
✔️ With a 100%  OJS rate functioning very well
✔️ Handled by professional team openjournaltheme
✔️ Detailed Documentation available
✔️ Guarantee after working on your Journal


Have you found any problem in your journal on the OJS platform that you have installed?

We provide OJS repair services or fixing any ojs issue. The fixing will be done professionally by our reliable team.
The repair process is carried out by a team that is experienced in the field of server configuration, OJS, server administrator, and even web developers.

By entrusting improvements to our place, you will get many other benefits. Not only do you get OJS improvements, but we also provide information about improving your OJS of course this can make your OJS indexed faster.

Convey the problem to us, we will do analysis immediately, make improvements, and submit recommendations to OJS. Start from $40 per journal and per problem.
Please note that the estimation time to finish the minor issue is a maximum of 3 hours.

If you need custom OJS development such as theme and plugin just contact us here.

Why should you entrust your journal handling to us?

✔️ Fast and responsible handled with a specialized OJS developer
✔️ We do a thorough check to make sure all is well
✔️ The result will be clearly reported
✔️ We give 7 days warranty after the fix your OJS process is completed

We have fixed many OJS issues and also received a lot of feedback from clients who have used our services.

For more info please contact us first to discuss the problem.

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