OJS XML : Journal Article Tag Suite Creation (JATS)


Integration OJS with Journal Article Tag Suite :
✔️ Create JATS file from PDF , Docs , txt
✔️ Support for themes that already support JATS like Unify , Academic Pro ,manuscript, oldgreg,  and other themes
✔️ Compatible with latest version of OJS 3
✔️ Support for any image extension

OJS Integration Journal Article Tag Suite Creation.

We provide the service of creating your JATS files from your PDF files to XML OJS. The results will display full-text publishing on the pages of your journal articles, including a table of contents and images that are well integrated with the style of the theme. So users don’t need to download the article to see the full version. Please pay detailed attention to the note before ordering this service.

Note :

  1. This is not a plugin, but a service for conversion from docx/pdf file to JATS file format.
  2. The price is for the conversion per 1 page of your docx/pdf file to JATS format.

Why using JATS

By integrating JATS/XML in OJS it can help you to automate the creation of Full-Text publishing in your journal. With this JATs/XML file, it is easier for readers to know the contents of your journal articles without having to download a .pdf article file. Also when your Journal uses JATS it makes it easy for you to google scholar and other indexing and improves SEO for your Journal Site. JATS is also a requirement to some indexing services and third-party online repositories such as PubMed and others.

The details process that we do

✒️ Create an XML file use your article file then insert your article content (PDF, text, Docs).
✒️ We do Simulation Create and send you the JATS XML file

*The cost of JATS is per page.

Why use openjournaltheme JATS creation services?

✔️ Your Journal Article Tag Suite Creation (JATS) Article OJS  we created had a 100% functional rate based on the hundreds of clients we have worked with.
✔️ Handled by professional team openjournaltheme.
✔️ Our process is transparent by conveying some of the steps we have taken in the installation phase with Detailed Documentation available.
✔️ Openjournaltheme gives 7 days warranty after the work is complete.

*If you want to create more than 100 articles for the JATS file you will get a special discount. Please contact us for detail here
We also provide Paypal Integration on OJS:  Paypal and OJS

It’s our duty to provide you with a dedicated and professional team, also we want to help any publisher by providing Professional. What does our client say about us?  See our testimony

*Note that we would need your OJS authentication and hosting authentication. This is manual JATS file creation, not a plugin product


About the Author

Hello! I'm Ghazi, im OJS Technical Support from Openjournaltheme. Have a passion for linux, helping solve publisher problems related to the use of OJS, OMP and Eprints.

Openjournaltheme.com started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

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Secure Payment :

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