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The long awaited LoA plugin is finally here!
The plugin is made with a complex system that can generate Letter of acceptance templates automatically, in the LOA plugin we have provided 3 template formats. The template that we provide you can also do the editing process to adjust the LOA template format. Yes, this is simply awesome, thanks to our team of experts. Now it’s time to take this plugin to use in your journal, we provide a trial of 30 quotes for new users that you can use immediately, no credit card required, try it now !!!

Benefit LoA OJS Plugin :

✔️ Easier Generate template automatically
✔️ Customizable premium templates – More templates will come
✔️ One click email send to the author
✔️ Archive your letter of acceptance

Openjournaltheme Plugin Feature:

✔️ Free technical support and free updates
✔️ Lifetime license active
✔️ Compatible with the latest OJS version – OJS 3.3 ready plugin
✔️ Detailed documentation provided
✔️ Dedicated control for LoA plugin
✔️ Feature updates will be available

**The plugin itself needs to use the minimum OJS version 3.2.x

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LoA or Letter of Acceptance is a statement issued by the journal manager stating that the article sent by the author is declared worthy of publication. This letter usually also states when the report is planned to be published, containing details of the volume and edition.

In principle, the LoA is proof that our submitted article has been accepted for publication. While the publishing process is complete, the author can use this certificate instead of physical evidence in the form of a complete printed journal or PDF document (or another format) that can be accessed online on OJS.

Product support

Letter of Acceptance plugin support on OJS version:

  • OJS 3.2x
  • OJS 3.3x

Free Letter of acceptance trial

  • Generate 30 LoA template items
  • Detailed Documentation text and video detailed available
  • Free technical support

Letter of Acceptance Plugin workflow :

With LoA Plugin you can convert document templates to pdf templates on OJS platform. We built this application based on the OJS platform, so it can be used by users who use the plugins we created in OJS.

Every client who registers for the Letter of Acceptance (LoA), the client will enter an email address, with that email address we will create 1 duplicate of the Google Docs LoA plugin template which can be edited by the user. Later all the google docs templates generated in the LoA plugin on the account are connected to the plugin, for example account A and the contents of the document are only templates. The template contains documents that we have customized for the use of acceptance letters according to the needs of OJS users.

Benefit LOA plugin :

  • Easier to generate a template letter of acceptance automatically, integrated with the OJS system.
  • Customizable premium templates – more templates will come
  • Ease of editing templates according to your format
  • One-click email send to the author
  • Free technical support and free updates
  • Compatible with OJS 3.1x or latest OJS version – OJS 3 ready plugin
  • Detailed documentation provided
  • Feature updates will be available
  • Keep the privacy. the data is highly yours. The generated LOA file will be kept on your server rather than on our server.

Product type :

Subscription-based quota.

The use of this plugin is based on the quota package you choose, which means the quota. When your subscription quota is up, you can re-purchase the quota items as needed in your journal. We’re sure you understand that it takes time, money, and effort to provide high-quality support and plugins. Your support is important to us as it will help us implement any new features for this plugin.

Product Specification:

Below is detailed information in detail about product requirements, features, support & warranty.

Support and Warranty:

  • The usage quota you get is based on the package you buy
  • After the quota runs out you can re-purchase to add the quota
  • Each of the subscription package purchases will get lifetime free support and update.
  • The plugin will work on your journal, contact our team if you have found any issue and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • The yearly license renewal is not mandatory.

Disclaimer :

  • We have a right to remove the plugins when used in multiple journals without a valid activation/purchase code or when your journal attempts to bypass the openjournaltheme plugin license.
  • The customer only has the usage quota license by purchasing this plugin that can be used for 1 journal on each product purchase.

Privacy and Data

We use the information we collect through automated means to enable the LoA plugin to run very well when the user does initial registration:

In the Letter of Acceptance plugin, the plugin cannot edit, view, delete google docs data contained in the google account, we only share documents from templates that have been previously generated by the LoA OJS plugin.

  1. We have no right to distribute the data generated by our client to anyone without our client’s permission and we are fully committed to guaranteeing confidentiality regarding the data generated by the template in the form of docs and pdf.
  2. On plugin activation, the plugin will send the required data for activation of this product including journal URL, activation_code, and the product_name.
    This data is only transferred once and never does another data transfer after the product has been activated.
  3. The data regarding this plugin is retained by the journal itself (for example the data inputted on the plugin setting form).
  4. When the process of converting LoA, we are using Google service. The data preservation policy is following the policy from Google. 
  5. No data transfer between this plugin to the external servers, including our company when the plugin has been activated except for the quota calculation synchronization and temporary data for LOA generation purposes.

How Generate template works ?

Because it is only a template, the document does not store credential data from the user who uses the template or only the tags that will be replaced in the LoA generate process carried out by the user. When you enter an email during the registration process, the LoA plugin can see, edit, create, and delete the template created by the LoA plugin in your OJS.

Disclaimer: we can only manage templates created in your OJS, we cannot access

How Sharing docs

So that users can edit the template, we need the share feature on google docs. And with the share with restricted access feature, we can also ensure that the template data that we share with clients is safe, in the sense that the template data can only be accessed by users according to the registration on the OJS LoA . After the template duplication process, the template will be saved in our google docs account, no credential information is stored in the document (see sample document template).

Review Acknowledgment generation plugin is in the process. Keep tuned

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