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We offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your OJS site with optimization and best features.


OJS Installation with Secure and Optimization

The OJS release provided by PKP is very easy to download but unfortunately the installation process is not fully explained to improve system caching, optimization and security of hacker attacks.

You need to install OJS by implementing compatible, error free, optimal and secure results. We provide OJS installation services performed by our experienced team with additional plugin setup features which are plugin recommendations from our team.

Unlike the installation process that is done automatically, the installation of OJS carried out by our team is done professionally by adding some caching scripts and security and is equipped with a set of additional OJS features. So you get a secure OJS platform free of hacker attacks and fast. Our process is transparent by conveying some of the steps we have taken in the installation phase.


OJS Update / Upgrade

OJS maintenance through the upgrade is a mandatory process that needs to be scheduled to ensure that the OJS installed is an optimal, secure on a regular basis. This upgrade is related to periodic  OJS release by PKP Team with various additional features as well as patch security on your OJS installation.  By implementing the update or upgrade your OJS platform would get the most of additional features and fix from PKP release.  OJS upgrade is a process that need very professional and required technical work to make it success.  

We implement upgrades by taking careful steps and handled by an experienced team to ensure that the results of the upgrade do not cause problems in the future. The upgrade process is done without disturbing the active OJS used. We do the upgrade process by applying the staging process.

From OJS 2.x to Latest OJS 3 
 (Start from $200 per 2 journals in one OJS system)

OJS 3 to the latest OJS 3 version
 (Start from $100 per 2 journals  in one OJS system)


OJS Migration

OJS is a journal publishing platform that gets regular improvements and has been used by many publishers. By using OJS you get the benefits of compatibility in the community of authors and reviewers so that it will facilitate and attract many writers on your platform. We really appreciate what the PKP team had done with OJS as open source software that can help to spread any knowledge easier and faster.

Using OJS as journal management platform ensure that your journal get the best features and have benefit to retrieve a lot of what online community used the most for publishing platform. It also the most preferable to use OJS system rather than the in house or specific journal management since OJS always get regular updated and maintenance from PKP. 

  • Free Upgrade OJS to the latest version
  • Setup essential plugin
  • Data migration

Fix Any OJS Issues

Wonder if there something that does not work with your OJS installation ? 
Don’t worry we help you to solve all your OJS problem. Just contact us and we would fix it. Did we mention that we provide guarantee for that  ? Yes we provide guarantee for any fix that made by us up to 1 month guarantee. 

Simple and quick fix start from $40 ( per one journal)

More complex problem ? 


Custom OJS Plugin and Theme development

Any need to create some OJS plugin specific for your journal ? Just hand to us a veteran team in web development would handle your request fast. 
Just email us to describe what the specific feature that you need to implement. We would doing research and give you a possible solution for it. 
Don’t wait for it we are giving more affordable cost compared with our competition. 

  • OJS 3 Theme Custom Development
  • OJS 3 Plugin Custom Development
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