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OJS Upgrade Service

Our team will make it possible for your journal to get the new version. Using OJS as a journal management platform, it needs periodic maintenance through regular upgrades to make sure that you have no problem and issue for using it. The latest version of OJS version from PKP is allow you to get new patch from the unexpected and the security bug that can threaten the data of your journal including the DOI record, articles and its galleys and others important record. You will also get the new features from the latest version of OJS in which make the use of your Journal more optimal and improve its process. Unfortunately although the new version is released regularly the process of upgrading it is need experienced and technical knowledge since many user may encounter technical problem when they try to update their OJS. 

Openjournaltheme provides professional OJS upgrade service from OJS 2 to 3 version or upgrading from OJS 3 to the latest version. Most importantly The process of upgrade is done with care and handled with experienced team that have upgrade many customer OJS. OpenJournalTheme have  upgraded any OJS from our client with 100% successful rate and without any problem. The guarantee is surely given to make our customer satisfied with our work.

The upgrade steps workflow:

ojs upgrade service

Why You need to regularly upgrade your OJS ?

  • Your OJS will be secured and prevent your OJS get hacked and minimize the threat that can cause losing your valuable data.
  • You will not miss the new important improvement and bug fix from the new version.
  • The new features will be available to use by the user of your journal.
  • Increase the trustability of your journal user that the journal is in the good management team

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Why Using our service for update OJS ?

  • The record for the articles DOI are retained
  • URL of the article unchanged from the previous OJS version which will keep your article still get indexed by indexing database. 
  • Many publisher have trusted our service on OJS upgrading. We have successful upgrade many of our client Journal site with many issue that they are facing. The upgrade should be done by experienced and professional team to make sure that you won’t get any future technical issue caused by failed upgrade.
  • The successful rate of the upgrade process is 100% based on the hundred of OJS that we have upgrade
  • We doing deep scrutiny on each process of the Open Journal System including the submission, reviewing, publishing and others OJS essential process to make sure that you will get the result with no future problem.
  • We provide guarantee and responsible with any problems that caused of our work on our upgrade services so it will make the peace of mind for our customers.
  • We transparent of our process, the client can evaluate the scope that we have done on our organized report
  • We done the upgrade on our staging server specialized for each of our customer so the data and privacy are protected.
  • Faster since our experienced team know exactly what process should be taken to make the upgrading success
  • No journal downtime 
  • Your journal still can be accessed because we will do the upgrade on our upgrade server (login and register will be disabled for your journal to make sure the database will be the same on upgrading process)

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OJS Upgrade Packages

OJS 2.xx to OJS Latest version

If you need to upgrade from the Open Journal System 2 to Open Journal System 3 you can order the package and read the detailed information that required to initiate the process.

OJS 3 to OJS 3 Latest

We also provide the upgrade from Open Journal System 3 to the latest version of OJS 3. Please read the detailed information below. 

OJS upgrade description note :

We will be using the official OJS script from the PKP and our custom script that fixes some errors in the upgrading process.  In the process, our team will also fix some errors during the upgrade to such as fixing data anomalies, locale error, charset adjustment, and others fixing. The upgrade process will be processed on our server, will be simulated on the OJS process from our team and we let our client review the result before migrating the result to their current online version. Please note that if you use our service of the OJS upgrade,  you are agreed to the data inclusion result from the upgrade activity.

The inclusion of the result after the upgrade is : 

  1. Article Metadata (article cover image, DOI record, URL, contributors, issue assignment, publishing date and other meta data)
  2. Article PDF file
  3. Current Submission Workflow
  4. User list
  5. Author / Article
  6. Contributor
  7. Issues Data
  8. Announcements
  9. Static page (except from OJS 2 upgrade)
  10. The editorial page (manually converted by our team)
  11. User roles, user authentication
  12. Usage statistic data such as view and download count (if the OJS 2 have the working data of it)
  13. Email template
  14. Submissions
  15. License statement
  16. Plugins setting for the compatible plugin version (for OJS 3 upgrade to latest OJS 3 version)
  17. Fixing the strange character (encoding) on OJS after the upgrade has done.
  18. We will ask the journal manager to halt the process of OJS such as submission, review and publishing on the OJS so the database will remain intact after we upgrade the OJS. We will put the maintenance page on your journal page for pausing the process of the OJS.

The data that are excluded for the OJS upgrade such as :

  1. Plugins that does not support on the new OJS version  (OJS 3 use the new version of the plugin system)
  2. Layout ( OJS 3 does not support previous version theme – OJS 2)
  3. Detail Page for editorial member (OJS 3 remove the built in editorial member page, instead it will use the static page for each of member detail information)
  4. Notes, OJS email histories, some part of event log data, default static page.
  5. The payment integration for OJS 3 (since OJS 2 or OJS 3 may have drastic change to the new version that required core code modification). This task required our payment integration that can ordered here.
  6. And other data that is not supported from OJS 2 to OJS 3 (not listed for the inclusion of the result)

We guarantee that we do not modify the OJS source code after we migrate the result to the online version of our client.  This means that your OJS will be compatible with any of the supported OJS plugins published by the PKP team. The guarantee from our team is for 2 weeks after we hand over the result. 

Our OJS Services :

Theme Customization

  • OJS 3 ready theme
  • Custom development for OJS theme
  • Add custom specific feature to OJS site.
  • Create cover and others image asset to your journal with professional design
  • Fix any issues regarding on OJS theme

Installation, Fix and Setup

  • Setup any new OJS with security hardened and performance tuning
  • Fix any issues of your OJS
  • Setup any configuration for OJS features
  • Upgrade OJS 2 to 3 or to the latest without need to repost any content

OJS Managed Host

  • Free OJS Security update
  • Hardened Security
  • External automatic cloud daily backup
  • Priority support anytime.
  • Free theme update Forever
  • Built in Statistic features

Need More Services ?

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Secure Payment :

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