Openjournaltheme (OJT Team) has a very good track record in provided product and service to a lot of leading publisher, university and creating value for our customers around the globe  applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of publishing platform system services around the world.

We have trusted by hundreds of publisher globally with their need because what we bring is quality and transparency to them.
Why using unreliable provider while our team can provide you with trusted and high quality work.

Here is some of our global clients:

Architectural Research Centers Consortium

United stated

  • Implementation the caching system on the server level
  • Improving our hosting service with bot protection
  • Optimization OJS Hosting server

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

United Kingdom

  • Custom OJS 3 plugin – strength of evidence data for articles stored within OJS

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava


Sultan Qaboos University


Qassim University

Arab saudi

University of basrah


  • Upgrade Journal OJS 2X to OJS 3 Latest
  • Implementation Academic Pro Extension
  • Provide support for the OJS platform

Airlangga University


  • Upgrade 94 Journal OJS 2X to OJS 3 latest
  • Merge journal to another OJS
  • Implementation Noble theme
  • OJS 3 Training

Gadjah Mada University


IPB University


our client with unair

We take pride in being a proven and trusted partner to various institutions, as evidenced by the reliance on our services and competencies to this day. We bring reliable and innovative solutions to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, always delivering the highest quality of service. In every task we undertake, we strive to provide the best results, so that our clients can feel secure and confident in us. We communicate our work with transparency and educate our client  By doing this culture of work no wonder our clients keep growing by time and time. 

Case study client

Our contribution

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Openjournaltheme.com started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

Under the legal company name :
Inovasi Informatik Sinergi Inc.

Secure Payment :

All the client’s financial account data is stored in the respective third-party site (such as Paypal, Wise and Direct Payment).
*Payment on Credit card can be done by request
Your financial account is guaranteed protection. We never keep any of the clients’ financial data.