OJS Theme - Academic_Pro_extended

OJS 3 Theme - Academic Pro Extended

It is now to make your journal stand out!

OJS 3 Theme – Academic Pro Extended Version is a new child theme for Academic Pro Theme for OJS 3 . We have create and innovate with this theme by implementing what many of our OJS need on their journal. You can now organize the previous issue and future issue articles on the front-page of your journal which will increase the visibility of any of your article, get crawled faster by Google and have a better chance to get citation from the others authors. This theme also supports full text publication through the JATS file that will be useful to me if your journal is more readable by many visitors. This also will attract many search engines for your article because each of its keywords have been indexed by search engines.   

This feature is exclusive and none of others commercial theme use this feature. Now it is time to increase the impact of your journal!


Better JATS Parser

Effortless JATS article processing by built-in theme JATS Parser component. The result of the parser also including the table of content that made nicely integrated with theme style. So user does not need to download article to view full version

Including Previous Academic Pro Features

All the features in the Academic Pro theme are still found in this theme, because we have designed the academic pro extended theme to add some of the latest features and make OJS look more varied than the previous theme.

Upcoming Issue Feature

Specifically for this theme We added a new feature Upcoming issues, this feature will help visitors to see upcoming issues. (This feature is sponsored by Gastric Journal)

Future Updates

Themes designed to compatible with the latest OJS version to ensure you always get the updated OJS version and the patch or additional feature from PKP. We also consistently release regular maintenance and updates for the theme.

Beware, themes are not only a matter of appearance but also the compatibility with the indexing requirements

Be aware that using a theme that is not compatible with indexing can cause your journal to fail to be indexed and in some cases it can take 1 to 2 years for re-submission. Don’t waste your precious time due to the wrong choice of theme for your journal.

Our themes are specially designed to meet mandatory requirements by several indexes and have been used by hundreds of users globally with the proven positive of value for their journal succeed. Read how we designed our theme by following the best practice from the indexing requirement including Scopus, DOAJ and others, here!

Previous Issue Feature

The previous issue button feature in the Academic Pro Extended theme will help visitors to read and find previous issue articles, this feature makes the search process a little faster without the long wait you can find the previous article.

Upcoming Issue Feature

Enable to show article list from the upcoming issue or the future issue. Please note that the future issue will be shown even the issue is still no on published. Theses feature can be show / hide by one-click feature. 

These features are sponsored by the Journal Gastric Surgery

*Upcoming articles are only for preview, you cannot see the details of this article because the articles are not really ready to be published

Commenting System

Make your journal can connect with other people, this feature provides access to discuss directly with other visitors. You can deactivate this feature if it is not needed in your OJS, every discussion that appears on this feature must pass the approve stage from the journal manager. 

* This feature only available on the complete package

Announcements Slider

Make the appearance of your journal announcement more attractive and less boring. By using the Academic pro Extended theme, you have made improvements to the appearance of your OJS system. One of the features that you don’t get from the previous theme is the slider effect feature on announcements. 

This feature will provide your announcements block attract more attention without sacrificing the simplicity of your journal presentation. 

Theme Bold Features

  • ✔️ Academic Pro 3 Child Theme with easy installation
  • ✔️ JATS Parser Support
  • ✔️ Homepage Text Slider with parallax Effect
  • ✔️ Announcements Slider
  • ✔️ Feature Upcoming Issue 
  • ✔️ Feature Commenting System
  • ✔️ Homepage Image Slider
  • ✔️ Free additional PSD files
  • ✔️ Detailed Documentation available
  • ✔️ Single Usage Journal licenses
  • ✔️ Lifetime active license
  • ✔️ 1 year update and support
  • ✔️ Compatible with the latest version of OJS 3

*required Academic Pro 3 theme & OJS minimum version 3.1.2-4

Click image to show demo

Homepage Text Slider with Parallax Effect Demo :

OJS Theme - Academic_Pro_extended

Homepage with Image Slider

Our Valuable Customer :

Choose your package :

First Package

  • Lifetime active license 
  • Free 1 year update & support
  •  Self Installation of the theme
  •  Including all the theme features
  •  Additional PSD files as bonus
  •  Detailed documentation
  •  1 journals usage license.

*This package require you to purchase 1 Academic Pro Theme to get 1 usage of this theme on your journal.

*This theme required minimum OJS version 3.1.2


Second Package

  • Including the Academic Pro Theme 
  • We setup and implement all the features that provided by the theme for one of your journal
  • Implement Journal header
  • Install your custom header image (CSS)
  • Site link image customization based on image template
  • Add the Footer content based on the theme template. 
  • Add the Editorial Image block based on the image provided by the client
  • Include OJS standard installation
  • Including the theme features
  • Detailed documentation
  • 2 Journals usage licenses
    (1 Academic Pro and 1 for the this theme)
  • *required access to your OJS cpanel and admin area

Complete Package

  • Including the previous second packages
  • Include OJS Optimized and Secured Setup Save $185
  • Add required template content for your OJS site (max 10 contents to add)
  • Optimize your OJS by setting up recommended plugin  
  • Add favicon to your journal based on your journal logo
  • Design your journal cover or improve it
  • Add custom header image
  • Custom Site link implementation
  • Activate email notification on OJS
  • Setup external stat counter
  • Add Visitor Counter feature
  • Add Twitter Side-menu feature
  • Setup OJS statistic & Histogram for article download and read
  • Setup Social Media share feature
  • Add Spam protection feature

You want everything done and need to implement optimization on your existing OJS. 

*This services required minimum OJS version 3.1.2 and required authentication for your host panel (OJS 3.2.x is also compatible)
* We only setup for one language and one journal.
* We us only legal image only on the process you will get the license on each image that we have created.


Theme Change Log - Update History

2.0 : 11 Nov 2020
  • Add Previous, Current and Upcoming Future Issue
  • Add slider to the image
1.4 : 16 July 2020
  • minor fix by Nugroho
1.3 : 26 February 2020
  • Hide article TOC from JATS after user scroll to bottom
  • Fix parallax slider
1.2 : 22 February 2020
  • Fix JATS Parser image style
  • Fix parallax effect on static page
1.0 : 18 December 2019
  • First Release

Our OJS Services :

Theme Customization
  • OJS 3 ready theme
  • Custom development for OJS theme
  • Add custom specific feature to OJS site.
  • Create cover and others image asset to your journal with professional design
  • Fix any issues regarding on OJS theme
Installation, Fix and Setup
  • Setup any new OJS with security hardened and performance tuning
  • Fix any issues of your OJS
  • Setup any configuration for OJS features
  • Upgrade OJS 2 to 3 or to the latest without need to repost any content
OJS Managed Host
  • Free OJS Security update
  • Hardened Security
  • External automatic cloud daily backup
  • Priority support anytime.
  • Free theme update Forever
  • Built in Statistic features
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