Novelty - OJS 3 Theme

Yes, we agreed that a journal should be presented this way!

Research results should receive high appreciation and affordability. Designed with the concept of simplicity and elegance, we present our best innovations to publishers. Build by listening much feedback that journals should be oriented more towards visitors, to authors by offering the concept of optimal connectedness of their articles so that it has a high level of visibility, convenience for visitors, and allow present of their best articles.

Yes, we understand that your journal should be presented like this, that’s why our team’s job is to make sure it happens. The result is the best presentation for your journal with the concept to be more focused on the research result and other essential features only available on this Novelty theme. A theme that truly represents what any journal should be presented

It is now, to take a side of your visitor’s need. 

All things are connected

Build with concepts of journal and articles connectedness


Author affiliate

With this theme feature, you can display affiliate authors in your journal article details.With this theme feature, you can display affiliate authors in your journal article details.


Three Column Design

The only theme that allow three column design so it will help you to show what is matter for your journal on both column side. Position can be configured by drag and drop.

Upcoming issue

Provided with upcoming issue feature that will help your visitor or author to know what article that will be published in the forthcoming publication

Full-text Publishing

Any essential feature that your journal need is provided such as citation counter*, DOI record visibility on each article, view count, full-text publishing (JATS), keywords, and categories visibility.

Everything is Connected

Intelligently show the related articles, linkage more articles based on the keyword, author name, and categories. The feature that we call that all things are connected.

Made to be allow more focused on the research

Designed to lets you focus on what matters most

Ready to enhanced the linkages between articles and various metadata so that it can help visitors focused on related research results such as categories, image previews, keywords, related articles and other metadata. 
Let your visitors find it easier to find what they need, show off the credibility of your journal as strong invitation to best authors, their best submission, attract reputable reviewer and increase the dwelling time in your journal

More Detailed article meta data visibility

Article preview on journal index

Enriched with complete metadata

Novelty OJS 3 Template build by the concept to allow visitor to be more  focused  on the article rather than anything else that does not matter to them. 

To achieve this, We refined the appearance of articles view with its metadata to be shown and link to its respective resource. On the article preview this theme will show : 

Preview Image for Article

Show any article preview that attracts the visitor to read more in deep.

Categories Metadata
Each article will be shown its clickable categories so it will be easier for visitors. 

Popularity Count
Help them to choose what is currently popular in the current issue
(can be disabled on theme option)

Citation Analytic Count
Integrated by default the dimension citations analytic by taking the DOI record

Allow related articles to be found easier

Our OJS 3 theme in Novelty forged by closing the gap of other OJS theme, that makes remove the hassle find related data in categories, keywords, authors, and related articles. The relevance of each content is what makes the Novelty theme unique and  the only theme that is truly oriented towards the functionality and usability of the journal.

The article details page in this theme enriched with many important networks of the article metadata : 

Clickable keywords 
Visitor can now click the keyword to find a specifically related article

Related Articles
intuitively showing the related articles taken from all the keywords data of the article. Visitors will thank you for this features

Categories Metadata
Help any visitor to browse the article in the same category

Authors Link
By clicking the author name it will show any article that has written by that article, if the Orcid is provided, it also links the icon to the external orcid profile page.

Full-Text Publication Support
Novelty OJS 3 theme allow you to publish any article in full text (JATs) format. With valid JATs, Novelty will automatically generate a table of contents for the article

Click here for the 
theme preview.

Rich Usability features for the article

Article detail page preview

*Related Item required article keyword. The full-text publication works for valid JATS XML file. Other data such as categories use available metadata from OJS.

Focus Mode Feature

Novelty OJS 3 theme built by the concept to allow more focus to the usability of the journal and articles rather than build on unnecessary features. We innovate a new feature called focus mode where any visitor will be focused on article image preview by giving blur or dim effect on the background when article image clicked.

This feature works in the article preview (journal index page) and the full-text article detail page. The features that only the Novelty theme has.

Novelty - OJS theme

Every component you need is here

Novelty OJS 3 theme created by passionate, innovative and experienced team that already trusted by many clients. By hearing many of our customer feedback that wishes for a theme that elegant and focuses on functionality, we developed this novelty theme.

This theme includes essential features that is what you wish for : 

Share The article on Social Media
Provided with many of social media share option, this is the only theme that provide more social media share to reach out large crowd on various social media. We even implement the Facebook and Twitter meta tags code to increase the share compatibility

Citation Import 
Allow saving the article as a reference to help any author to cite the article to third party service (Mendeley, more to come…)

Highly Accessed Article 
Show the most popular article on your journal to increase its citation and impact

Simply Designed Editorial Board Member
Editorial Board member visibility on the sidebar to help your journal convince its credibility

Issue navigation by year
Visitors now can browse each issue easier that automatically organized by yearly publication

Color Change with easy setup
Change your theme color by drag and drop any color on unlimited various options. Provided for header theme and link theme color

Many theme options available
Without touching any theme source code, you now can use the theme config to change some visibility of the components on the front page. 

Did you know that Google will prioritized more on responsive journal rather than journal that only focus on desktop display? 

With our premium theme, it is built with fully responsive as recommended by Google, mean that Google will priority your journal on their search result more than a journal that does not built with responsive display. 

And yes responsive design is a must!

Click here for the theme preview.

Yes, it is now the time to enhanced your Journal

Yes, it is now to enhanced your Journal

UpComing Issue Feature

Enable to show article list from the upcoming issue or the future issue. Theses feature can be enabled by easy option on the theme. Let visitors know the latest research for their citations without any delay. 
OJS theme Feature

Keyword Slider Feature

Rather than hide any important keywords as the default keyword component, we improve it to allow to show all the keywords that matter with neat slider features.  This allow any visitor to sort and find any research that attract their attention.

Built to represent quality and to inspire

Built to represent quality and to inspire

Original 3 column design
Simple and focused concept
Upcoming Issue
Neat Editorial Members
Article Metadata connected
Complete Documentation
Easy Installation
More feature too come...

Beware, themes are not only a matter of appearance but also the compatibility with the indexing requirements

Be aware that using a theme that is not compatible with indexing can cause your journal to fail to be indexed and in some cases it can take 1 to 2 years for re-submission. Don’t waste your precious time due to the wrong choice of theme for your journal.

All themes created by us designed to meet mandatory requirements by several indexes and has been used by hundreds of publishers globally with the proven positive of value for their journal succeed. Read how we designed our theme by following the best practice from the indexing requirement including Scopus, DOAJ and others, here!

Complete Features

  • ✔️ Novelty OJS 3 Theme with easy installation
  • ✔️  3 Column layout
  • ✔️ Focus Mode Feature
  • ✔️ Editorial Team section
  • ✔️ Complete documentation
  • ✔️ Include the Dimension Citation Badge 
  • ✔️ Free additional PSD files
  •  ✔️ Mini statistic for article
  • ✔️  Upcoming Issue feature
  • ✔️  Orcid ID support on article detail
  • ✔️  DOI option to show and hide
  • ✔️  Free Plugin Related Article (New Plugin)
  • ✔️ Free Plugins Issue Published By Year
  • ✔️ Improved Most Read plugin
  • ✔️ Improved Keyword plugin with automatic slider
  • ✔️ Upcoming issue feature
  • ✔️ Handy article share button
  • ✔️  Detailed Documentation available
  • ✔️  One journal usage licenses
  • ✔️  Lifetime active license
  • ✔️  1 year update & Support 
  • ✔️  Free Journal Installation 

          * OJS minimum version 3.2.X (the theme support for the latest version of OJS)

Click image to show demo

What our client said about our products and services ?

Open Journal Theme Product and Services has been used for online journal world wide from Poland, Turkey, Indonesia and others country.
We can say without hesitation our products are very compatible with OJS and we give best services for our clients. 

The editors are very pleased with the results and thank you and your team very much!

Bartłomiej Boreka
Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN

Wait... I kinda busy, I will send our testimony later 🙂

Prof. Dr. Edy Saputra, S.T., M.T
Universitas Riau
Journal of Applied Materials and Technology

My visitors raised to previous numbers, even better in a few days. Many Thanks for your close attention and true support

Dr Uğur Kocak
Hatay Mustafa Kemal University (Turkey)
The Bulletin of Legal Medicine

......your satisfied testimony would be written here. Just contact us and we would give our best for you. 

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Our Team
OpenjournalTheme Professional Team

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Library used by this theme : ​

1. Open Journal System (OJS) 3 is online journal management system as built and maintenance by PKP 
2. Boostrap 3 refer to the CSS Framework built by twitter
3. This theme uses Font Awesome icon and iconhub, to show all icon list click this link
4. Jats Parser for OJS 3 system credit to @Vitaliy

If you want to install latest OJS 3 system you can download  OJS in PKP. For the latest OJS version you can download here OJS latest version

*For the responsive design the theme use Boostrap grid system as explained here 

Our Valuable Customer :

Choose your package :

Theme Only

  • Full features of Novelty OJS 3 Theme Packages
  • Novelty- 3 Column Layout
  • Including the Image Asset + PSD Files as seen on the demo page
  • Single Journal license 
  • Convenient installation of the theme
  • Including with Detailed Documentation
  • Including the Editorial Team Block feature
  • Free update and Support for 1 years
  • Priority Support
    (Just contact us we will guide you if you have any problem on installation)

*This theme required minimum OJS version 3.2.X

+ Installation Service

  • Including the previous packages
  • We setup and implement all the features that provided by the theme for one of your journal
  • Implement Journal header
  • Install your custom header image (CSS)
  • Setup the most read article.
  • Setup the keyword slide
  • Setup Facebook Account
  • Add the Footer content based on the theme template. 
  • Add the Editorial Team block based on the data provided by the client
  • Include OJS Optimization
  • *required access to your OJS cpanel and admin area 


Select this option if you dont have time to setup the theme. 


+Complete Service

You want everything done and need to implement optimization on your existing OJS. 

*This services required authentication for your host panel
* We only setup for one language on one of your journal 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this theme purchase include installation ? 
Yes , We provide installation but implementation on all component should be done by client (theme only package ). The documentation explained in step by step to implement all the features of the theme. If you want to use more our services to implement additional services including the design for your header and make your journal more secure and faster, you can choose the complete package . 

What if there are essential features* that is not available in the theme?
Yes we would give full support and update the theme to support any of the essential feature that is not available in the theme feature.
*The essential features such as language 

What are included in the theme ? 

  • Theme files
  • Documentation
  • Image file with PSD
Can I use this theme forever ? 

Yes off course you can. Our 1 year support and update term mean that we would give you 1 year support and any update from our developer team. But you can use the theme forever. If you want to continue the support, If you extend support and theme updates for a year, you will get a 25% discount from the initial theme package price. Your support on our team would help us to improve any product that we had released. It also to maintain the compatibility of any new releases of OJS from PKP.

How much if I need to pay on the second year to extend the support ? 
Please remember that, the theme that you have purchased can be used forever without the need to pay for yearly payment or subscription. However if you need to extend the support in term get the updated version of the theme on the second year, you should pay 50% from the theme first package price. For example, on the first year you have chosen the third complete package of the theme which is $785. The second year you need to get the updated version of the theme, so you would  need to pay 50% from the theme base price. This support cost to ensure our team can give you more quality product and better services. 

What is support mean and How can I get support ? 
We would give support which is related to the installation and the implementation of the features of the theme. The support does not include custom customization of the theme. We provide support priority by using email or Whatsapps. We may need your server or OJS credential if we need to handle your problem directly. 

I want more specific need. Can you provide us ? 
Yes just contact our team by using email or Whatsapp. Note that custom customization of the theme feature provided with additional cost. 

Suggestion of any feature of the theme ? 
Off course, we work for our customer and we would strive to give best product based on their need. Just send us any message we would consider it to include the new feature if it really needed to the new release. 

Guarantee ? 
Yes we provide guarantee if the features that include in the theme is not work. Guarantee is in kind of the immediate fix that reported by any of our client. But note that we don’t provide refund. Guarantee does not cover if you make custom modification on any theme script. Make sure you read all the terms. 

Theme Change Log - Update History


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