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We provide various Open Journal Systems (OJS) themes and services with each of our themes has unique and exciting features such as upcoming issue & previous issue, JATS file integration, editorial section design, menu with icon, interconnected article metadata, and others. We also provide a free OJS theme to help you start the journal publication.

Our OJS template and its features has a proven result for bringing positive value to many of our customers. Invest now to improve your journal reputation. 

Need more specific features or plugins? Contact us here so we can help you to achieve your vision.

Our Theme Help Many Journals Increase Their Rank

It is proven that our theme helps many of our clients to increase their journal reputation.

Quality journal reflects on the good presentation and the essential features provided. Based on the survey, respondents distrusted a website, 94% of them reported that this mistrust was directly related to the site’s design. This good presentation of your journal is a language that speaks toward your visitor that it is held in a professional and serious manner that will make the journal gain the trust and credibility from the visitors, articles get more exposed and attract more author to submit their best papers that lead the journal to achieve their best potential. We even received many appreciations from our clients which after they using our theme and service.
Their journal achieve better indexing rankings (become Q1 in Scopus) and improve their journal reputation, increased in journal traffic so it’s no wonder many have entrusted our themes and services and become our regular customers.

We focused to provide more affordable and high quality OJS themes and services that can help you to improve your journal. Not just we are concerned about the detailed element of the design, we also complete our theme with many essential and must-have features. 
Need custom templates or any plugin ? You can always contact us. If you want to publish and use OJS or any publishing platform in the long term, we are here to collaborate.

What they say about us ?

Our client from Indonesia, India, Italy, US, UK and other countries trust us for bringing value

I would like to thank the services provided by this team. The team is very agile and attended to all my modifications, by collaborating with them, We received an e-mail with the impact factors of our journals. We get a very positive impact by hiring them.

Dr. Barbara, Campos dos Goytacazes – Brazil

OJS Managed Hosting

OJS Managed Hosting

It's time to being more impactful your journal networking index !

Starting from : $249$749

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OJS 3 - Themes

Compatible OJS version started from OJS 3.1.2-X to OJS 3 latest version

preview academic_Pro version OJS 3 theme

Academic Pro

Responsive Journal Theme + Must have features

Starting from : $245

Academic Pro Extended​

The features that journal publisher need is here!

Starting from : $285


Let's us amaze you, how should best journal presented

Starting from : $480


Better journal needs better presentation

Starting from : $280


Theme with the touch of art

Starting from : $310


Stand out your journal to inspire

Starting from : $545

Why choose our OJS Themes or plugins ?

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Custom theme by openjournaltheme

Custom OJS Theme

We provide you with custom Journals theme.

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OJS 3 - Plugins & Service

Our innovative plugins including Most Cited, Google Scholar Citation and more by visiting our shop page

OJS 3 - Services

*All OpenJournalTheme.com service will provide online report for you to ensure that you get  the transparent process. 

Publication By Year - OJS 3 Plugin

We have release OJS 3 plugin as sidebar that organized any issue by year. Built with beautiful animation and easy to setup. 

You can install this plugin on any theme since this plugin is not tied or depend on any theme. Detail documentation is provided.

GDPR Consent - OJS 3 Plugin

GDPR Consent  is plugin that would give notification to the user about the use of cookies based on GDPR Law.

The plugin is very easy to customize such as text on the notification, link to redirect to policy about the cookie usage, and the button text. 


RePEc Indexing - OJS 3 Plugin

The RePEc plugin is built and developed to integrate with OJS. With this plugin you don’t need to generate rdf file for articles and issues because it will be integrated automatically.

By using the RePEc plugin, you don’t need to waste time inputting manual data to output an rdf on file.

Related Article - OJS 3 Plugin

Related Articles Plugin will display related articles that are relevant to the article being viewed.

With this Reated Article, other articles that have been published for a longer period of time can be easily found by visitors to your journal.

Google Scholar - OJS 3 Plugin

Show your journal impact by the help of google scholar citation data with easy setup and automatic update.
Let the potential author and the visitor of your journal know that the journal is popular with the quality citation.
Just one setup and let the plugin update the data automatically every week.

Editorial Pick - OJS 3 Plugin

Get easy to select any article to be featured as an article selected by the editorial team. Praise the author’s hard work and easily point out the importance of the article in your journal.
You can vote, order any article in “Editorial Selection” as shown on the front page of your journal.

OJS 2 to OJS 3.X (Latest) Upgrade

Open Journal Theme provide OJS upgrade services. OJS system should be updated regularly to get the additional new features and to make your Journals more secure. If you need to upgrade your OJS 2 to 3.X with professional care by our team, order our services here.
Please note that our charge is for 2 journals for any single Journal installation / domain.

OJS 3 to OJS 3.X (Latest) Upgrade

OJS 3 maintenance by PKP always get new update that fix any functionality bug or to fix security.  
We recommend you to update your OJS regularly to ensure you get the best of it. 
Please note that our charge is for 2 journals for any single Journal installation / domain. 

OJS Paypal Integration

If your Journal need OJS PayPal or manual payment integration system. We provide service along with online tutorial session by call to explain to you about the work flow of PayPal integration on your journal and make sure it work on your journal without any problem. 

JATS Creation

Using JATS makes it easy for you to Google scholar and other indexing and improve SEO for your journaling. OJS JATS is also mandatory for some indexing or for some Publication field study.
*Start from $2 / page



If you need help on any problem on your journal site that using OJS system. We will handle it with detail analysis and communicate the process with you.
Problem when there is something that seem not right on the process of manage your journal and other things. 
Contact to us about the problem and we will help you to solve it by experienced team. 

OJS Migration


Open Journal Theme provide OJS Migration to move your Journal from your current server to another. Our team will help you Migration your Journal and other essential data to another server with careful step to ensure your data safe.
This process would not disturb your production version.

OJS Complete Installation ++
with cache optimization and secure set up

Unlike the installation process that is done automatically, the OJS Installation by Open Journal Theme is done with additional improvement by adding some caching scripts and security and is equipped with a set of additional OJS features.
We also setup  email notification and captcha for you that would protect your OJS from spam, so the Journal would be ready to help you without any technical issues. 

OJS Optimization and secure set up

With Open Journal Theme you will  get more secure OJS platform free of hacker attacks and caching optimization to make it faster. It will give you peace of mind, so you can focus on growing your business instead of spending your time on server administration tasks.

So you get a secure OJS platform free of hacker attacks and caching optimization to make it faster. 

Installation Plugin - OJS 3 Service

Openjournaltheme provides installation services for any plugins on your Journal. Plugin installation will be handled by a team of professionals in the fields of OJS, Server, and Web Developer. 

Paypal/Manual payment OJS Integration Service

We provide payment integration on OJS 3 by using Paypal Plugin or by using the manual payment. By using this service, your journal allow to protect any issues, articles, or galley of any articles, and manage the subscription for your journal by setting up some pricing. We also provide you direct tutorial by phone to make you understand how the payment work flow on OJS 3 system.

Google Analytics - OJS 3 Service

Google Analytics is built to work with Google’s to OJS publisher so you can use your analytics insights to reach the right reader This Improvement make your OJS site easier to navigate and impress any visitor to browse and show how many readers have on your online OJS system

OJS 3 Training

We Openjournaltheme have a focus on providing training services for those who want to publish new journals, or those who are old OJS users (OJS 2) who want to upgrade to OJS 3 but have difficulty adjusting the appearance and workflow of the new system.

Openjournaltheme.com started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

Under the legal company name :
Inovasi Informatik Sinergi Inc.

Secure Payment :

All the client’s financial account data is stored in the respective third-party site (such as Paypal, Wise and Direct Payment).
*Payment on Credit card can be done by request
Your financial account is guaranteed protection. We never keep any of the clients’ financial data.