How you and our developer on helps improve OJS

How our developer on helps improve OJS

Our team in is eager to contribute and participate in the ecosystem of OJS by releasing a free theme and plugin and also working together with the PKP team to improve the core code of the OJS platform.

As we are aware that we have never existed without support from the OJS community, improving the OJS ecosystem is one of our mission.
Below we have narrated our support for our contribution to the PKP platform :

Contribute directly to the OJS source

On OJS 3.3 version it is known that this version has a problem sending mass emails on the platform. The mass email such as announcement, or other processes that involved the email on multiple recipients will not get success.

You can see the post as we have a screenshot here :

To help the community that has that issue, and for solving many complain from our clients after they have to get upgraded their OJS to the 3.3 version we release the fix with a free plugin after we post this free plugin. Our decision for releasing this as a plugin because that it will become easier for OJS users to solve this problem without the need to upgrade their current OJS system. One of the PKP staff invite our solution to be merged to the core PKP code. Yes, we are welcoming this invitation. Later our code is got merged to the official PKP code.

Releasing free theme and plugins

As our contribution to our OJS ecosystem, we align our mission to provide tools to the community in terms of plugins or themes. These tools are released by our theme to help the community to get any solution without any charge/free of charge. Currently here is the list that we have released :

Restore Filename Convention


Announcement Fix

Academic Free Theme

More plugins to come! subscribe to our mailing list to get notifications regarding our free plugins and themes.

Reporting the Bug to the PKP official page

It started from our desire to immediately make our theme compatible with the latest version 3.1.2 for all our OJS 3 themes. Then we started by downloading the OJs on our local server.

The setup of the latest version was a success and tried installing our academic pro theme at the OJS.

Unfortunately, our team found that it didn’t load any of our custom smarty (template) files on the index page.

Some references state that there is a change in the Smarty syntax in the custom templates for Ojs.

OJS upgrade the smarty library from version 2 to version 3 so that any {php} syntax on the custom template file will result in the error.

We tried to fix it but it turned out that this still happened. We only get an index page that loads the default template page provided by PKP / OJS.

Our team was starting to get curious, so we tried to install some popular themes such as Bootstrap 3 from NateWr and HealthScience which claimed in the release version that already supported by 3.1.2.

But none of them is working it still failed to load any custom file :


After the installation process is completed, there is no single custom template running on the 3.1.2 version of OJS.

It turns out that clearing the browser cache and the cache template for our OJS admin was useless.

“There must be some mistakes”: as our team thinking, so he tries it on another computer but, again none of it was working as expected.

In the end, our team took the initiative to open the issue on the official PKPpage.

Reporting the Issue

Firstly our team reports the issue on the forum, seems like one of the users also has the same problem. The forum is not very fast to get any response. So he initiates to report it on the official PKP github page. The page where OJS belong for reporting any of the bug regarding any of the code.

Here are some of the transcripts:

Yes, we know that the majority of online OJS site is hosted in a Linux environment.

However, the windows environment can not be neglected since it is very important to test or learn locally rather than on the production server (online).

Your support for the theme would improve the OJS core

Finally, it was acknowledged that this was a bug where the script failed to download any custom templates if using the Windows 10 operating system.

Thankfully, the OJS developer fixed it immediately and they thank for our team report. ?

The appreciation goes to our team who acted quickly by reporting the issue and also the OJS developers for their agility in overcoming this bug. We really hope that a lot of people can use OJS easily without any major bugs.

We are very grateful to our theme users, for your support for this theme development for the premium template.

Did you know that your support also affects the quality of OJS scripts released by PKP? Let’s make OJS being better ?

Reference from official OJS (PKP) sites :

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