Announcement Mail Fix Plugin for OJS 3.3.x


Our team would like to share our solution on the fixing of the bulk email bug that happened on the OJS 3.3.x version. The bulk email sending such as used by announcement and other multi email sending is a known bug that can be found here and many of our clients outcried for this bug. To help them and this community, our team initiated fixing this by releasing a free plugin.

See the issue on github here and the discussion about the problem on PKP Forum here.

How to install.

  1. Download plugin AnnouncementMailFix.tar.gz
  2. Upload the plugin from the admin dashboard Website Settings -> Plugins -> Upload a New Plugin or unpack the archive into the plugins/generic/ folder.

  3. Activate the plugin from the dashboard.

  4. Done

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Notes :

  1. This plugin has been tested on OJS versions, and

Openjournaltheme Team.

About the Author

Hello! I'm Almadani, Customer support OJS from Openjournaltheme. Have a passion for helping solve publisher problems, have knowledge and experience related to the use of OJS, OMP and Eprints.

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