Restore the OJS 3.3.x downloaded filename convention [Free Plugin]

Since version 3.3.0 OJS has changed the naming of uploaded and downloaded files. Previously files uploaded in versions prior to 3.3.0 used the naming pattern:


For example (on 3.1.2-4 and 3.2.x):

In version 3.3.0 the naming of this file becomes: download.extension so for visitors, this is difficult because every file will be downloaded with the same name.

For example, a visitor downloads an article with the title:
Heuristic Judgment in Accounting” then the downloaded pdf file will become download.pdf.

Of course, this makes each article file that is downloaded is not unique and has no identity and it is not surprising that many OJS users in this version have complained about this.

In version 3.3.0-7 the changes to this naming become fileName.extension. It seems that after we read the discussion, we understand that this naming change is to make it easier to identify files without any numeric codes that make it difficult for users to recognize files.

The naming convention on the later OJS version as planned on 3.3.1 as in this discussion will be as follows:

However, because users are used to versions before 3.3, many users complain about this new naming standard as can be seen in the following discussion:

Just as many OJS users complain about changes to the file convention naming pattern, we also receive a lot of complaints from our clients after we have upgraded their OJS although we have explained this is caused by the new OJS file name convention. Apparently, the naming standard provides instructions for easy organization and tracking of the article process.

Until this article was written there was no patch or alternative method so that this naming standard could be re-applied. To overcome this, our team created a free plugin that will make it easier for you to restore the naming feature as before.

Download the plugin by filling up this form :

Installation steps :

  1. After you have downloaded the plugin
  2. Upload the plugin from the admin dashboard Website Settings -> Plugins -> Upload a New Plugin or unpack the archive into the plugins/generic/ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin from the dashboard.

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Notes :

  1. The blog post is not an official statement from PKP, it is merely our opinion
  2. This plugin does not make changes to the filenames uploaded on the server / via OJS
  3. The plugin only handles the front end of your OJS while the backend file name follows as the OJS system provides.
  4. This plugin only changes the name of the downloaded file, not the original file on the server.
  5. This plugin has been tested on OJS versions, and

Openjournaltheme Team.

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About the Author

Hello! I'm Almadani, Customer support OJS from Openjournaltheme. Have a passion for helping solve publisher problems, have knowledge and experience related to the use of OJS, OMP and Eprints.

8 thoughts on “Restore the OJS 3.3.x downloaded filename convention [Free Plugin]”

    1. Muhammad Hendra

      Hello David

      Have you installed the OJTPlus with OJT Control Panel.
      Our team have checked the issue that you have faced. The result on OJS 3.3x here is the file name before and after :
      Before : Artikel+submit (2).docx
      After : 234-Article Text-692-1142-10-20230520.docx

      So we confirm that this plugin work as expected.
      Tell me more if you have any more issue.

  1. Hello, I’m not receiving any email after adding the email…
    Can you check?
    By the way, is the plugin working with OJS ojs-3.3.0-13?

    1. Muhammad Al Madani

      Dear Stefano,

      Thanks for your comment. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by not receiving any emails.
      We have registered your email to get the download link and plugin installation tutorial

      Regarding your second question, this plugin supports OJS version 3.3.0-13.

      Please inform us if you still haven’t received an email from us.

      Openjournaltheme team

    1. Muhammad Al Madani

      Dear Jim,

      Thanks for your comment. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by not receiving any emails.
      We have registered your email to get the download link and plugin installation tutorial.

      Please inform us if you still haven’t received an email from us.

      Openjournaltheme team

  2. Nice work, but why not adding your plugin to gitHub and let people download it (as all community fellows are doing)? Is the usual way to work in free software communities.

    If you don’t like the idea, please forward me the plugin.

    1. Muhammad Hendra

      Thank you for your comment.

      We use a download tool in the OJT plugin so it will be easier for the user to download and install it without the need to do more technical activity with downloading and uploading it to the server from GitHub.

      You can add your email in the form subscription and the system will send you a clear instruction on how to install it.

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