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DSpace Repository

DSpace is open source software package for creating repositories focused on delivering digital content to end users and providing within the application. The open source DSpace platform is freely available to anyone and can be downloaded from GitHub, The code is currently licensed under the open source license. This means that any organization can use, modify and even integrate code into their commercial applications without paying any licensing fees. However, the amount of complicated setup of this platform and required server requires a professional team to configure DSpace to be able to use it with ease. 

Openjournaltheme has provided academic publishing system services in more than 40+ countries with 100% satisfied and happy clients. We provide DSpace repository installation services with essential benefits and most-have features for your repository system.









About Dspace Repository system

DSpace was originally developed by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Labs. Since its initial open source release in 2002, the platform has been guided by a global community of committers, developers, repository managers, and other stakeholders who contribute to project governance. DSpace was built in the Java language and is open source available, however, the setup, implementation, and security processes on a DSpace server require competence in the server field and specifically in the DSpace.

What they say about us ?

Our client from Poland, India, Italy, US, UK and other countries trust us for bringing value

DSpace Testimony

I confirm all the positive opinions about openjournaltheme team.  The support team works very quickly and reliably. They are very helpful and professional.

Assoc. Prof. Agnieszka Bieda, D.Sc. – Poland

Editor-in-Chief – AGH-UST Kraków


Our Service

DSpace system repository solution

Why Using our service for Dspace Repository ?

Openjournaltheme has a good track record of creating value for our customers applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of publishing platform system services around the world.

Trusted by Many publisher

Many publisher have trusted our service on Repository. We have successful Installation or fixed Dspace Repository.

Guarantee and Responsible

Act with Responsibility, We’re Committed, responsible and transparent to doing what’s best for our customers.

Transparent of our process

You can evaluate the every scope of work that we have done on our organized documentation report.

Scrutiny on each process

We doing deep scrutiny on each process of the all essentials Dspace to make sure that you will get the result with no future problem.

flexible custom request

We provide flexible custom services, which means you can make any requests related to custom displays and text on the dspace page.

True Support

We consider the responsive company is always the best for every client. We are always available for you for every single problem your dspace.

openjournaltheme Repository Services

Dspace Installation Service

DSpace is a very popular platform that used for storing valuable scholarly academic resources. By using this platform, any resources will be completed with detailed meta data. Our team even improve the installation, not just standard installation but the result will be include the essential feature such as custom branding for your DSpace, flexible metadata, ability to edit any submission easily, Dimension citation analysis integration, fully compatible with Google Scholar indexing and other indexing service, email notification and many others must-have features. 

Our process is transparent by conveying some of the steps we have taken in the installation phase. Here are some features  we would implement on this service.

Submission workflow

More simplified submission process with validations such as duplication checking, managing metadata based on dspace content types.

Content Access management

You can choose which content is Open Access in the Submissions you publish, and which is restricted. set every detail of the type of publication.

Unlimited File types

when you upload a file the system will automatically recognize files of the most common formats ( PDF, DOCS, PPT, XLS, PNG and much more formats )

Metadata schemas

Flexible use of metadata schema, you can add new schemas, also you can import or export metadata from other major metadata schemas such as MARC or MODS.


The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a low-boundary mechanism structure for dspace sistem repository interoperability.

We will do a DSpace upgrade when DSpace releases a stable version update based on the client’s request. The DSpace update cycle follow the released from the original developer of the software.

Disaster recovery plan included. We aware that your repositories is valuable resource, that’s why the backup is our priority.

We use google cloud or S3 Platform as a backup platform, we do backup 24/7 on every detail of the data on your DSpace repository system. which can be restored at any time.

The DSpace repository system that we offer is a system that has been fully supported by a server system with a capable hardware system, with this system we can run 300 users simultaneously by users and can run the DSpace system with 10000 accesses per day.

Our hosting include any support for the usage of DSpace. You will not have to handle the technical and finding the complicated manual section of DSpace, just ask us and we will help you to resolve your DSpace issue.

openjournaltheme Repository Services

Dspace Hosting

 We have designed a hosting system that is very compatible to use DSpace system repository with several features that can make your DSpace repository run optimally at your university or organization. We provide a DSpace system repository server according to your needs with great performance that can support your campus or organization’s repository system. We believe that any articles in your Repository system is the most important asset in your repository, We also integrate cloud backup system with your repository system for disaster recovery plan.

90-day Money-back guarantee DSpace Services

If We cannot fulfill or fail to fulfill the service that we previously offered and cannot complete the services we offer. All our VPS Managed plans include 90-days money back guarantee. You will be given a full refund of the contract amount. When submitting a request for refund, a valid reason is required.

Our Server & Backup Status

Our server status information in real time

Server Location
Server status
Compute Availability
New York - U.S
Frankfurt - Germany
Server Location
Backup status
Backup Availability

Server & Backup Cloud Status

Service is operating normally on the Server & Backup cloud

openjournaltheme Repository Services

Dspace Customization

We will fully customize the look and feel of your DSpace system repository so it will integrate seamlessly with your own institution’s website and can be more intuitive for your users. We provide solutions that will cover all the requirements needed in the process of building a dspace repository system and implementing complex repositories, from basic software installation or complex customization.

Orcid Integration

Orcid lookup integration can perform lookups to users who have previously registered with orcid.

Citation style

Citations are a way of rewarding individuals for their creative and intellectual work that you use to support your research. With this feature , you

Google Scholar Check Integration

With the Google Scholar check feature, it makes it easy for visitors to check articles / submissions on the Google Scholar platform.

Custom URL

We will setup your dspace to change your dspace link to (eg dspace.myuniversity.edu)

Our Value

Solution for development DSpace system repository

You're in Good company

We have provided our professional services from many small to leading publishers around the world since 2016. We believe that with our product and service it is a chance  to contribute for extending of the knowledge  that’s why we always give our support to any to of our customer. More than 800 university trust us and satisfied with our products and services. 

Transparency Process

We make a document report for every detail of the process we did in making the dspace system, we also carry out the transparency process by conveying all the things about technical details in the docs report that you can see and evaluate directly.

Direct Support All Problem

Your Dspace repository system will handled by active professional and experienced server administrator. We are  always ready to assist you for any constraints that are faced in the use of your Dspace Repository system.

Document detail available

With the document report that we provide to you, you can see all the details of the activities we carry out during the installation, custom or DSpace hosting process, so you can immediately evaluate our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

DSpace is a repository system developed by HP and MIT University, DSpace is gold standard for archiving scholarly asset for academic institution around the world.

In hosting package, we will help you installing the DSpace, support provided and server management will be handled by our team. 

However, for the installation package, we provide the DSpace installation for you, the server is provided by you and the support is available for limited time. 

The server will be located in US, UK, Germany, India, Singapore. The location will be preferred with the optimal and nearest range for your institution. 

*Note that the server location option only available for the hosting package only.

For hosting package, the minimum contract is 1 year period. 
We don’t provide package for any montly package. 

We provide panel for your server, accessing the server directly using SSH is not recommended because DSpace is quite complicated, if you try to change anything on DSpace installation on the hosting package, it can break the DSpace installation. 

We provide support through direct channel using email or Whatsapp. Just contact us we will evaluate the issue and get back to you after we have resolve the issue.

Yes, absolutely. 
If you want to setup the DSpace on your server just choose the installation package. 

We would give support which is related to the installation and the implementation of the features of the platform. The support does not include custom customization of the theme after we have hand over the work. 

Yes just contact our team by using email or WhatsApp.

We can implement the requested matter if DSpace provide respective features and for not a complex matter. As the DSpace is developed by MIT University as free software, the improvement and the extending the feature are very limited. 

Yes we provide guarantee if the features that include in the theme is not work. Guarantee is in kind of the immediate fix that reported by any of our client. But note that we don’t provide refund. Guarantee does not cover if you make custom modification on any theme script. Make sure you read all the terms.

Sure, send us a message on the contact us menu link. 
We will send you an update immediately

All DSpace managed plans include a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you experience problems with hardware/network/server performance or issues with support, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your use of our services on your account within 90 days of submitting admin authentication to you or before the next due date.

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