90 Day Money Back Guarantee - DSpace managed VPS

Last update : 9/9/2021

Welcome to openjournaltheme Dspace managed overview ! openjournaltheme are a dedicated and professional publishing system platform service provider with several services on OJS, OMP, Eprints, Dspace. We have been working together with many publishers from around the world since 2016 and we are here to help you succeed in your publishing system. Our vision is to allow any publisher to focus on their academic research and improve its reach rather than hurdled by the non-essential technical issue.

The first portion of our Terms of Service is an introduction, which is structured like an FAQ and lays out some high-level concepts before diving into other terms. Before deciding to use or DSpace managed package, We recommend to consider the Term Of Services regarding those services :


All DSpace managed plans include a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you experience problems with hardware/network/server performance or issues with support, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your use of our services on your account within 90 days of submitting admin authentication to you or before the next due date.

When submitting a refund request, a valid reason is required. Refunds will not be issued without providing a reason for cancellation and refund or not being able to show evidence that we have failed to provide DSpace services. All refund requests will require proof of a previous support ticket stating a problem with the service (hardware/network/connection/support issues etc).

The 90 Day Refund is not valid if you use the service to test the DSpace system and cancel it when you have finished testing or use the DSpace system for a temporary trial. Refunds are only issued if the functionality contained in the DSpace stable version and the functionality we have offered in the initial offering does not work in a server environment. Please make sure that you send the ticket to support for assistance if you see a problem before requesting a refund. As stated above, we need to see that there is a problem with the service for a refund to be issued.

2.Applicable law

These Terms & Conditions are governed in all respects under Indonesian law.

These Terms & Policies can be changed in any way and at any time by the Openjournaltheme team. Your continued use of the Service will be deemed to have agreed to these changes. If you do not wish to continue using our Services because of these changes, you can inform the Openjournaltheme team of your wish to stop using the Services.

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Openjournaltheme.com started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

Under the legal company name :
Inovasi Informatik Sinergi Inc.

Secure Payment :

All the client’s financial account data is stored in the respective third-party site (such as Paypal, Wise and Direct Payment).
*Payment on Credit card can be done by request
Your financial account is guaranteed protection. We never keep any of the clients’ financial data.