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DSpace is open source software package for creating repositories focused on delivering digital content to end users and providing within the application. The open source DSpace platform is freely available to anyone and can be downloaded from GitHub, The code is currently licensed under the open source license. This means that any organization can use, modify and even integrate code into their commercial applications without paying any licensing fees. However, the amount of complicated setup of this platform and required server requires a professional team to configure DSpace to be able to use it with ease. 

Openjournaltheme has handled hundred of repository publishing system services in more than 40+ countries with 100% successful rates, We provide DSpace repository installation services with several of the benefits we offer.









About Dspace Repository system

Dspace is one of the platforms in the management repository since 2002 which was built with integration on the BASE, CORE, OpenAIRE, Unpaywall, and WorldCat platforms. With the availability of essential features in repository management, DSpace is popular for many campuses and institutions that need a platform to support their activities. DSpace was built in the Java language and is open source available, however, the setup, implementation, and security processes on a DSpace server require competence in the server field and specifically in the DSpace. Our team has collaborated with various institutions to provide a repository management platform.

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Our Service

Solution for development DSpace system repository

openjournaltheme Repository Services

Dspace Installation

Dspace releases provided by Duraspace are very easy to download but unfortunately the installation process will take a lot of time for you to learn the installation patterns on the dspace and according to our experience in the documentation is not fully explained how to build a perfect  repository system. Our process is transparent by conveying some of the steps we have taken in the installation phase. Here are a feature  we would implement on this service :

We will customize the appearance of your dspace according to your request, we do basic customization such as colors, logos, fonts, menu layout and more.

By using the orcid integration on the dspace system, your dspace system can perform orcid lookups when writing articles on the dspace system.

The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a low-boundary mechanism structure for dspace sistem repository interoperability.

Citations are a way of rewarding individuals for their creative and intellectual work that you use to support your research.

openjournaltheme Repository Services

Dspace Hosting

We believe that Article on dspace is the most important asset in the dspace repository system, We have designed a hosting system that is very compatible to use by dspace with several features that can make your dspace repository system run optimally, We provide a dspace system repository server accordingly to your needs with great performance. We also integrate cloud backup with your repository system.

We use google cloud as a backup platform, we do backup 24/7 on every detail of the data on your dspace repository system. which can be restored at any time.

NVMe drives use cutting-edge disk storage technology to deliver the fastest storage available today. By using NVME storage on Dspace, access to the dspace system repository will be accessed faster more safe.

openjournaltheme Repository Services

Dspace Customization

we will fully customize the look and feel of your DSpace system repository so it will integrate seamlessly with your own institution’s website and can be more intuitive for your users. DSpace provides two main user interface options: the traditional (JSPUI) interface, and Manakin (XML-based).

We can modify some of the existing functions in the default dspace function, such as layout views, forms in article storage or creating new features, such as changing the menu layout, customizing the logo, changing the color of the theme.

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Our Value

Solution for development dspace system repository.


You're in Good company

We have provided our professional services from many small to leading publishers around the world since 2016. We believe that with our product and service it is a chance  to contribute for extending of the knowledge  that’s why we always give our support to any to of our customer. More than 800 university trust us and satisfied with our products and services. 

Transparency process

We write down every detail of the process we did in making the dspace system, we also carry out the transparency process by conveying all the things about technical details in the docs report that you can see and evaluate directly.

Direct Support all problem

Your Dspace repository system will handled by active professional and experienced server administrator. We are  always ready to assist you for any constraints that are faced in the use of your Dspace Repository system.

Document detail available

With the document report that we provide to you, you can see all the details of the activities we carry out during the installation, custom or DSpace hosting process, so you can immediately evaluate our work.

True Partnership

We take support one step further by tailoring our replies to suit your knowledge, expectations and personality, We consider the responsive company is always the best for every client. We always available for you.

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We are here to help you with any questions you may have

Dspace is a repository system developed by HP and MIT University, dspace is very popularly used in article storage at universities around the world.

Yes, in every installation / hosting package we offer you will get a server panel, on that panel you can see the server status, storage and much more, you can also run ssh on that panel.

We provide a guarantee on all the packages we offer, the warranty in question is if one or more of the functions on the DSpace system cannot work properly. Provided you do not change the system, scripts, or install certain packages on the server.

We have served our clients in more than 50 countries and we have a 100% rate in solving a problem on OJS, OMP, Eprints, Dspace. What we mean by true support is that we always resolve every detail of problems / things that are unclear to each of our clients

Of course we can provide a formal quotation, you can directly fill in the form below to get an official quotation from us

You can directly contact our support team at any time (no ticketing need) at suppot @ openjournaltheme.com, within 1-8 hours our team will immediately check and repair immediately if there is a problem with your system.


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