OJS Upgrade 2.x to OJS 3 latest OJS version


OJS Upgrade Services including:

✔️ Upgrade OJS2.x to OJS3x with error-free and secured result
✔️ With 100%  journal functioning very well
✔️ Handled by professional team openjournaltheme.
✔️ Detailed Documentation available
✔️ Experience in handling hundred of journal upgrade since 2018
✔️ Guarantee after working on your Journal
✔️ Including the fixing of the character encoding issue for each journal
✔️ The using OJS original source code without any modification of the OJS source code
✔️ Uses our specialized tool for fixing any issue create by our team


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OJS Upgrade Service

OJS Upgrade process must be done regularly to your OJS. This is to ensure that your OJS has been optimized, safe from hacker attacks, and obtain additional features from the official OJS release from PKP. We provide ojs upgrades and implement upgrades by taking careful steps and handled by an experienced team to ensure that the results of the upgrade do not cause problems in the future. The upgrade process is done without disturbing the active OJS used. We do the upgrade process by applying the staging process and making a backup of your current OJS to make sure that nothing gets wrong with your existing OJS installation. Note that we would need your OJS authentication and hosting authentication. The price is per 2 journals in one OJS installation only.

OJS 2x to OJS 3 Upgrade

When upgrading OJS 2 to OJS 3, the process must be done very carefully with a process that is quite complicated and requires a lot of time, because to upgrade the ojs2 to the OJS 3 process there are several problems that might be encountered during the process. Our team has detailed documentation on the process for upgrading with various types of errors, which means that your journal will be upgraded properly with the openjournaltheme team.

Why use our upgrade service?

✔️  The first dedicated commercial team that provide OJS upgrade from 2018 onward with high client satisfaction
✔️  Need a professional team? we have upgraded hundred of journals from reputable university
✔️  Guarantee is provided after the upgrade is done.
✔️  Free plugin built exclusively by our team (Editor Limitation Access Plugin and Restore the Filename convention Plugin)

Why is the upgrade process calculated per 2 journals in one OJS system server?

✔️  We have to simulate the use of OJS such as submission process, article access, registration process, reviewing process, publishing process, and more on each journal to make sure there will not be an issue.
✔️  We checked intensively on the upgraded OJS function in every Journal contained in the OJS system, and you can review the process on the Google Docs that we provide.
✔️  We customize the look like your previous OJS, and we also make sure all plugins on the previous  OJS work properly in the OJS we upgrade.
✔️  We do this upgrade process step by step in each journal in your OJS.
✔️  The more journal it means the more resource that we need to be able to do the upgrade process.

The detailed process that we do

➡️ Upgrade OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x
➡️ We will do the simulation on Download and Access PDF or any Galley
➡️ We will do the simulation on Archive Page (galley)
➡️ We will do the simulation on Editorial Page
➡️ We will do the simulation on access PDF view on the article
➡️ Create and publish Issue
➡️ We will do the simulation on the submission workflow

Why use openjournaltheme upgrade services?

✔️ Your Journal results upgrade has a successful and 100% functional rate based on the hundreds of clients we have worked with.
✔️ The checking and upgrade process is handled by a professional team openjournaltheme.
✔️ The upgrade process we do uses a different server and uses a special server from Openjournaltheme so that your journal is not interrupted and can still be online.
✔️ Our process is transparent by conveying some of the steps we have taken in the installation phase with Detailed Documentation available.
✔️ Openjournaltheme gives 14 days warranty after the upgrade process is completed.

*If you want to upgrade more than 2 journals in one OJS installation, you will get a special discount. Please contact us for detail here
We also provide upgrade OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x we also provide we also provide these services OJS 3.x to OJS 3.x

It’s our duty to provide you with a dedicated and professional team, also we want to help any publisher by providing Professional. What does our client say about us?  See our testimony

Terms of service :

By purchasing this service, the client agrees with the following terms:

  •  The completion process takes about 2 to 3 days (upgrade) or 2 to 3 days (migration). Time is an estimate.
  • During the process, we will display your site “in the process of updating/maintenance”  in the journal’s announcement.
  • To make sure the consistent data is in process of upgrade, we disable any operation on the OJS system by clearing the OJS session (login access) and disabling any user to log in to the OJS system.
  • Your OJS upgrade results use the source code from PKP (or third-party plugin) without any modification from us. If it turns out that a bug is found in the source code, then it is not caused by the upgrade, and we have no responsibility for fixing the bug from the PKP. But we will help to report this bug to the PKP team.
  • The version of OJS to be used (upgrade) is the most recent version if we do not have any request regarding the desired OJS version from our client
  • The upgrade process will be carried out on our server, and we will delete data (database and OJS files) after the warranty period has ended. We do not have any rights to your data, including distributing or claiming the data.
  • The guarantee after we convey that the results of the upgrade/migration have been completed is 2 weeks. – The pre-upgraded OJS version including the database will remain on your server. For OJS we will put it above the public_html directory with the name of the OJS version.
  • Regarding the upgrade, the data that is included and not included can be seen in the following link.
  • The price is for 2 journal packages in the same OJS system*. This is considered as our team fixing any encoding on each journal, doing simulation to ensure each journal’s workflow runs without any issue.
  • The maximum OJS size (database and file size) for the 2 journals as mentioned previously is 15 GB*
  • The service excluding the training of utilizing the OJS 3.

If there is any information you would like to share or need us to know before we start this upgrade, send us any notification through email (support@openjournaltheme.com) after you have finished making an order for this service.

*Contact us to get a special discount for us if the journal is more than 8 journals.
*Note that we would need your OJS authentication and hosting authentication.
*The price maximum for 2 journals per one service and 15GB size if ordered for 2 journals.

Non-disclosure Statement:

  • We are committed not to publish authentication and any data information of our client to another party.
  • Openjournaltheme is prohibited from disclosing confidential data assets in clients such as server configurations, security vulnerabilities, databases, and data related to OJS client information.
  • We are only allowed to reveal the name of the client and include the institutions that have worked with us.
  • After the warranty period is over, we will delete the data in our staging server, and we will hold any responsibility for the data backup.
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