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OJS has been released. Should you update it?

Many of us are curious and enthusiastic OJS users. They want to get the latest version of OJS and get the advanced features offered by the new version.

However, based on our experience using any technology or software, it is not as simple as simply updating and adopting any new version to leave the previous version. This also happened to the OJS system because the OJS system has an ecosystem and some important plugins were not made by the PKP team we must consider it before deciding to use the new version.

This is the last issue that our team collected from OJS user reports either on their forum or on their Github page.

Copernicus does not support OJS 3.2xx

The Crossref and DOAJ plugins do not display any articles when using the filter system.

Adding all publication files experiences an endless loading (for the Postgres database).

Please note that some of these problems have been fixed by the PKP team but have not yet been incorporated into the official OJS download page (3.2.0-3) because it will be planned to be released in the next version 3.2.0-4. At this time we still do not recommend you make an update and although the new version 3.2.0-4 will be released soon, we recommend that you continue to wait for 2 to 3 weeks to get reviews from other users on the page and decide to do the upgrade of your OJS system.

Although we still not recommend you upgrade the OJS yet, all our themes and plugins are ready for OJS 3.2.X.
PS: We also would increase all our base price for theme and plugin in the next few days. Please read here for detail.


1 thought on “OJS has been released. Should you update it?”

  1. Hi, it’s very usful information for me. For now I will be observing patches and errors in the new version before I deciding to upgrade.

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