How to Remove OJS Email Notification?

In general, email notifications are an important aspect of an OJS. This notification usually contains notifications of various activities in the journal. Examples of incoming email notifications such as new announcements, new published issues, password reset confirmation, and so on. Some users who usually receive email notifications include authors, editors, reviewers, and several other roles.

However, under certain conditions, we don’t want email notifications from OJS to arrive in our email inbox. There are several reasons why we don’t want email notifications from OJS, such as we feel disturbed by incoming notifications, or there are other emails that are considered more important.

In this article, we will explain how to remove email notifications from OJS. Please listen carefully.

OJS Email Workflow

In an OJS platform we will find notification and email features. This feature is very useful for a writer or journal manager. This email notification will not be sent or received randomly to each user’s email, but has a certain workflow. Every email notification that is sent is the result of a certain series of activities, which triggers the sending of an email notification to other users. Therefore it is very important for a journal manager or user to understand what activities can trigger the sending of an email notification.

For more details, visit this link.

Example Email from OJS

In the following image, we display an image of an example of an email notification that a user will receive from a journal site or OJS platform.

The image above is an example of an incoming email notification in our email. The email notification informs about an issue that has been published. 

Usually in an email notification format there will be a discussion or notification context, a journal link, and the name of the manager or sender of the email notification. Having this format will make it easier for us to identify the intent and purpose of each incoming email notification.

Removing OJS Email Notification

To remove email notifications from an OJS is very easy. In this section, we will explain in detail how to remove OJS email notifications. Please follow the following method.
1. Log in on the page of the journal site you are going to.

2. After you have successfully logged in, please click the Dashboard menu option. This menu option is usually located in the upper right corner of your profile.

3. After entering the dashboard page, click the profile menu located in the upper right corner and click Edit Profile.

4. Then a new menu tab will appear. In the menu, click on the Notifications option.

5. Then the menu will display several types of notifications. You can choose the type of notification you want by ticking each of these notification options.

6. After you finish selecting the type of email notification you want, don’t forget to press the Save button at the bottom.

7. Finished


Email notifications are an important aspect of an OJS. This notification usually contains notifications about the latest issues, password resets, an order to revise an article, and more. But not everyone wants to receive an email notification from OJS. One of the reasons for the rejection is like feeling disturbed by incoming email notifications. In this case the user has the authority to adjust incoming email notifications himself, or even disable all of these email notifications. The method is quite easy without the need for special handling, users can simply set email notifications on the dashboard menu according to the explanation previously described.

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