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As a user or journal manager who uses the OJS platform, of course, you are familiar with the email and notification features in the OJS that you use. This feature is very helpful for OJS users or journals, for example for authors who will provide notifications to personal emails if there is a review, the decision on an article, or if the editorial party sends a message to the author.

Before you move on to the next part of this article, make sure that your journal is running the email configuration in the OJS that you are using.

However, it is very important for journal managers, journal editorial parties to understand the flow and notifications that run on OJS so that they understand the activities they are doing that will trigger these emails.

This article is dedicated to describing the email flow that occurs on the OJS platform. We summarize this email flow based on our experience in managing OJS and the absence of an official page related to this email workflow.

In short, we divide the workflow that involves multiuser that will trigger the email and notification into three processes: Submission, Review, and Copyediting process. The Task Notification on each of these flowcharts means that the internal notification on the OJS on each user that participates in the workflow process.

Submission Process

The submission process is the process of starting a workflow in OJS. In this process, the author submits an article to be processed by the Editorial and is then forwarded to the Reviewer. The process that involves email can be seen in the following flowchart:

Review Process

After the article is received by the reviewer, then there will be activities that involve internal notifications and emails. Some notifications and emails on this process can be seen here.

Copyediting Process

After the article is finished the review process, continues to another final process that involves another role which is the Copy Editor. The workflow can be seen here :

The workflow may have another process such as publishing however we don’t have any interest to create the flowchart here since it is the process that only triggers an email to the author once the article is published.

If you have any input to this workflow or article, let others know in the comment section below.

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