What is OJS?

What is OJS?

Open Journal System (OJS) is free software that used for the process and publishing of the academic journal. This software created by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) team from the Simon Fraser University located in Canada. OJS released in 2001 from version 2 until recently the version that still maintained is OJS 3.

By using OJS as a journal platform you will get benefit from its ecosystem such as the appropriate plugin for the journal purposes such as the compatibility with DOI, URN, Google Scholar indexing, and other indexing metadata compliance, and compatible with LOCKSS digital preservation system. This software also has multiple language translations such as Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Vietnam, Indonesian, and another 30 more languages. You can provide different versions of each of the language interfaces to help any visitor to your journal.

It is currently based on the report released by the PKP team has been used by more than 10.000 journal around the world. It is in fact the most used free journal platform software by many of the academic and independent publisher. By using this software it is now become easier for the publisher of the journal to release any scientific academic article to provide open access to any author around the world. The popularity of this platform also make any author get familiar with the interface and its workflow so it will help them with ease for submit and make some discussion with this platform.

Advantages for using OJS

This is some of the benefits for using this software :

  • Provide general workflow for journal management from submission, review, discussion and publishing any article
  • Multiple roles for specific task and adjustable capability such as author, reviewer, copyeditor and journal manager
  • Flexible and responsive public theme. Since OJS 3, the display of the journal can be configured easier with the feature that allow to extend the main theme
  • Compatible with scholarly publishing service such as Crossreff, Orcid and DOAJ.
  • Numerous additional plugin is available such as the URN, CLOCKSS, PKP PN and other useful plugin with free download
  • Recommended by Google Scholar for inclusion on their service
  • Provide the payment feature for the commercial article result access
  • Very helpful community and PKP staffs support.

Where to Download OJS?

It is very recommended to download OJS from the official source since as a open source software, the code is disclose to everyone and some may add malicious code and send their hijacked version that will be used for some journal.

To get the latest version of OJS please follow this official download page for OJS.

What OJS version to use?

We recommend for any of the journal to use OJS 3 with the latest version to be used for the journal. Although on their official download page they provide two OJS version option (2 and 3) it is well known that OJS 2 is not getting any update compare with the OJS 3. It seems like the PKP now more focused for improving the OJS 3 rather than make any bug fix for OJS 2 version.

Don’t download OJS 3 version with “Security issue” note!

You also need to pay attention to this article about the difference between OJS 2 and OJS 3.
Why you need to upgrade your OJS 2 to OJS 3

We also provide complete OJS tutorial series that can be used for reference for using your OJS system. Click this link to access this tutorial.

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