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Unify – OJS 3 | Theme Only Bundle


List of features :

✔️ Full features of Unify OJS 3 Theme.
✔️ Include the Dimension Badge.
✔️ Editorial Pick section.
✔️ JATS Parser Improved Support.
✔️ OJS 3 Ready.
✔️ Valid HTML5 and CSS3 Code.
✔️ Easy To Change Theme Design.
✔️ Armed with Popular Bootstrap 3 Integration.
✔️ Font Awesome Icon Integration.
✔️ Responsive and Clean Design.
✔️ DOI option to show and hide
✔️ Orcid ID support on article detail
✔️ Fast Loading Theme.
✔️ Responsive and Clean Design.
✔️ PSD Files Included (Save $30)
✔️ Detailed Documentation
✔️ 1 Journal usage license (on same institution)
✔️ Elegant text to left mode support
✔️ 1 year update

Preview Demo Unify – OJS 3 Theme here

For Detail Features of OJS Theme, you can visit Here


You will get license theme and full detailed documentation of Unify OJS 3 Theme implementation
1 × Editorial Pick - Plugin OJS 3
unify ojs 3 themes
1 × Unify - OJS 3 | Theme Only

Unify OJS 3 Theme| High quality Journal presentation

Unify is Frontend OJS 3 theme or template with modern features by openjournaltheme.com team. The theme is packed with 3 different header concepts to used either in your OJS 3 Main site or Specific Journal. Unify is a responsive theme and made with a high-quality design, this is very important for the convenience of readers of online journals. This OJS 3 frontend theme or template includes clear and detailed online documentation. By using this theme you make your OJS 3 looks Professional as it deserved. Make your Open Journal Systems or Journal Repository system has fresh looks and feels. You can buy this on very limited cheap prices and exclusively sell only on openjournaltheme.com.

This chosen package including Installation, Theme Setup, and More additional Services.

Check this theme demo by clicking this link.

Library used in this theme :

1. Open Journal System (OJS) 3 is online journal management system as built and maintenance by PKP
2. Boostrap 3 refer to the CSS Framework built by twitter
3. This theme uses Font Awesome icon, to show all icon list click this link
4. Jats Parser for OJS 3 system credit to @Vitaliy

Note :

– This is OJS 3 theme which is front end template
– As soon you made the payment we will send you this theme packed with PSD files and documentation.
– Download the theme as soon as you get our confirmation. The maximum confirmation time is 1 day.
– You can always contact us if you need any support or help to implement this on your OJS Sites.
– You can download ojs here.



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