OJS 2 Theme - Enlighten

As you, We agree that OJS  is very important for journal management but it would be crazy ridiculous that,  OJS themes sell online on very expensive price. Hence, it drives our team to design specific ojs theme that has clean OJS look and feel but with very affordable price. We design Enlighten as OJS 2 Theme.

Enlighten is OJS 2 theme or template crafted with unique and modern style. This templates support Open Journal Systems / OJS 2 version with responsive feature. It OJS 2 with style and clean look.

Enlighten is OJS 2 Theme with clean look

Did you know that the design of your online journal could affect the convenience of the users either for editor, author and reader to use OJS.
The clean design of your ojs site also could increase the prestige of your journal.

Open Journal System Template

Enlighten - For OJS 2 Theme

Enlighten is OJS 2 website template built with 2 column style, the two column style and the three column style. This theme extends the default look of open journal systems version 2. Installation is very easy, just upload this to your host and activate on your specific journal of OJS sites by selecting this stylesheet theme on your journal manager page.
This theme can be used both in the main page of your OJS site or the specific journal sites. This theme can be used for frontpage and backend page of your ojs site. Since this is single institution license, you can use this theme for all your journal in your institution. For developer, you can easily change the image header to suit your institution color theme.
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Enlighten OJS 2 Templates Demo :

Click the demo to test online preview of this theme


Enlighten – Two Column


Enlighten – Three Column

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Open Journal System (OJS) 3 is online journal management system as built and maintenance by PKP

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