How to Enable and Disable "exec" PHP Function on your Server

How to Enable and disable “Exec” PHP Function

Enable and Disable “Exec” PHP Function

Some OJS, OMP and OPS users who use the Cpanel server for their hosting, must often experience problems when installing plugins. There will be notifications such as (The “exec” PHP Function has been disabled on your server. Contact your system administrator to enable it). However, you don’t need to worry about enabling this configuration, which is very easy, but you need to remember that you must have WHM (Web Host Manager) access to do this.

You need to know that the “exec” configuration function itself aims to provide protection from hackers because if the function is activated it will potentially cause serious damage to the community on your server. If your server has a lot of hosting, then the risk of presence (hackers) can infiltrate and increase the amount of damage that can occur to your Cpanel admin.

The following is a tutorial on Disable and Enable “Exec” PHP in WHM:

How to Enable

  1. First login to WHM
  2. Then go to the Software menu

    Software in WHM

  3. Click the MultiPHP Manager menu

    MultiPHP Manager in WHM

  4. Then go to the System PHP-FPM Configuration menu, as shown below:

  5. In the System PHP-FPM Configuration menu you find the “Disable Function” section, then click the small arrow as shown in the image below.

  6. When you have clicked the arrow, the section menu will appear as shown below:

    Remove “exec” on the menu to activate it.
    Then save the configuration

How to Disable

  1. Repeat the steps as above until the System PHP-FPM Configuration menu, you find the “Disable Functions” menu again, as shown below:

    System PHP-FPM Configuration

  2. In the fill section, add the word “exec” then click Add. so as to shown below:

    System PHP-FPM Configuration

    Then save the configuration


Considering this function is very important as protection from hacker attacks, you can activate this function if you want to install new plugins in OJS, OMP, and OPS, and after the plugins are installed you can deactivate them again. So that the risk of intruders (Hackers) can be minimized.

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