How to disable new user registration on OJS 2 and 3

How to disable user registration on open journal systems or ojs 3 or ojs 2 is activated as a default means that anyone can register and login whether to enroll as reader, editor, author or others user roles. Sometimes as OJS administrator or manager of journal we need to deactivated or disallow anyone to register in our OJS 3 and 2 site. There are various reason to do that one of the reason is to prevent unauthorized person to sign up to our ojs even to prevent he/she to exploit OJS like uploading malware or any dangerous files.

In OJS although this is very simple and easy as a human we easily forget on how to do this, it is very simple to block the new registration.

How to disable new user registration on OJS 3

Here are the step :

Login as Super Administator or Journal Manager in your OJS Site

After login as you need to select one of the journal from the list. On this image example i choose on of the journal to configure this setting

Select journal from the top left side of administrator sidebar menu

Click The Users & Roles and pick the Site Access Options


You would be provided with the Site Access Options option.
In this page you need to choose the radio option labeled as “The Journal Manager will register all user accounts… bla…bla ” to deactivate or block user registration. Do not forget to click save button.

After you choose this option it would block any user registration.

That it, simple right to do this on your ojs 3 site. If you block user registration you would need to sign up or add any user by your own now. Hope this article clear enough.

How to disable user registration on OJS 2

Here the instructions to disable user registration on OJS 2

First you need to login as journal manager or as system administrator in OJS and go to journal setup – management as seen below :


Then head to the User Registration section on that menuplease check this menu


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