In Collaboration with University of Airlangga (UNAIR)

The Open Journal Theme collaborates with the Institute for Innovation, Publishing Journal Development, and Intellectual Property Rights (LIPJPHKI) Universitas AirLangga in Surabaya. This time, the Open Journal Theme Team was invited as a resource in the “Open Journal System (OJS) Application Workshop Version 3”

The event, which was held at Harris Hotel from April 18 to 19, 2022, helped UNAIR journals in the process of upgrading from OJS version 2 to OJS version 3.

The Open Journal Theme team consisting of Muhammad Hendra Sunarya, Muhammad Al Madani and Ghazi Pradana is an IT start-up from Banjarmasin. The Open Journal Theme which is under the auspices of PT Innovation Informatik Sinergi or OpenSynergic was chosen as the best start-up company trusted by UNAIR to provide education related to helping journal managers understand and know system updates on journal management applications from OJS 2 to OJS version 3.

“OJS version 3 has several advantages, namely it is more user friendly, the website theme is more good looking and of course makes it easier for journal managers to manage articles”

This activity is UNAIR’s step to continuously improve the quality of research and updates on technological developments. Thus, the efforts of world-class university rankings can be increased. Openjournaltheme is excited to participate in improving the quality of UNAIR as one of the best campuses in Indonesia

Muhammad Al Madani, an OJS Specialist said that this activity was an interesting experience for the company. Thus openjournaltheme can increase innovation again for the development of OJS 3 products. Alma, as he is called, often helps clients with tutorials to OJS services.

Muhammad Hendra, the project manager, said that this activity could build good relations between openjournaltheme and UNAIR. In this way, it is hoped that the openjournaltheme will further explore some useful innovation possibilities that can be applied to several campuses. Within the company, Muhammad Hendra is the founder of various IT products. He is also a lecturer at the University of Banjarmasin so he is experienced in education, journaling, and the application of OJS.

Ghazi Pradana said that this experience made him learn more about possible difficulties on the part of the client. That way he can find a solution for an even better product. Ghazi is a research and development software that gives so many ideas related to marketing to innovation in the company.

UNAIR admitted that they were very satisfied and happy with the work of the openjournaltheme. They did not expect that an IT start-up company domiciled in South Kalimantan could have such extraordinary young people. They hope to work together again in the future.

“We are proud to collaborate and support an Indonesian startup that has many global publishers. We believe that the experience will help us to achieve our vision to increase our journal’s reputation in worldwide ranking” as the Chief of UNAIR Research and Publication, Prof. Hery Purnobakti, P.Hd spoke”

Openjournaltheme is the proudest product of the Opensynergic company. Since focusing on improving product quality, opensynergic has been trusted by many clients both at home and abroad. The system update on the journal management application from OJS 2 to OJS version 3 is very important to be educated to make it easier for journal managers.

Openjournaltheme hopes that this moment will be a stepping stone to be able to achieve even better.

Our activity was also published on their page here.

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