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About us

Openjournaltheme partners with many publisher from small to leading publishers to help them to achieve the best of their research publication can offer.
We are ready to collaborate with you. It's our duty to provide you with dedicated and professional team, also we want to help any publisher by providing publishing platform services like OJS, OMP , Eprints, Dspace.

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About us

Openjournaltheme (OJT team) was founded in 2016 and later uses the legal company name PT. Invovasi Informatik Sinergi. Our team initiated this company to help many publishers to be more focused on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues. We have served many both reputable publishers, small publishers, and non-commercial publishers. As our commitment to professionalism, we committed to give value to our work. 

This dedication resulted in satisfaction from our customers as you can check in this link. As we have throughout 4 years, we have brought our quality work to more than 400 publishers around the world and have been trusted by many publishers that implement our products or services. We are very grateful for this and this made possible because we believe in long-term relations, transparency, and focus to bring a positive impact on each of our work.

Why do we sell our product commercially? 

We believe that we participate and accelerate the mission of PKP of open publishing by giving our quality work and introducing many of the PKP platforms such as OJS, OMP, and OPS to many of the new customers that do not know the platform before. Our product is commercial and we believe it will improve the functionality of PKP. We are very grateful that one of our products, RePec Plugin, is supported by Ideas by recommending the plugin on their official page.

Many of our customers have commented that using our product helps increase their journal indexing. We believe our team can improve the innovativeness of the PKP product with our supplementary product that can help many publishers to increase their journal quality.

As a small business, we rely on our funds to operate solely in selling our product or service. We are aware that we are different from the service provider such as University or its branch institution in which their fund may be obtained from many sources such as grants or sponsored by many big publishers. We need a source of funds to pay our monthly salary for our staff and support including the bill for the server for the clients and for our testing environment. We also need resources for maintaining and creating new products or services.

Although the majority of our products are commercial, we always consider providing an affordable price level so that it can be afforded by many segments.

Our commitment to Open Source 

Although our business is commercial based, we also believe that open source is good for everyone and that is why we are committed to bringing the value of open source to our customers. Until now we have provided several open sources products such as Academic Free and OJTDownloadFile.

We have also contributed to open source products such as JatsParserPlugin & pkp-lib We will continue to increase our contribution to PKP sources in the future with the optimism that we will have additional resources in this contribution process.

Our Contribution to the platform user? 

We believe that we exist because of the community’s trust, that we feel obliged to uphold that trust by sharing what we understand and know about various things that may be experienced by the community, whether users of OJS, OMP, OPS, Eprint, DSpace and other platforms. For OJS, see the following link: https://openjournaltheme.com/ojs-tutorial We make this happen by always writing tutorials, introductions to standardization, tricks that we understand, and various technical concepts on the platform.

Let join as our partner, we believe that our team can bring value to your needs.

Our Passionate Team

For Open Journal Theme Team, giving commitment is our duty to you and it is our valuable chance to participate in disseminating knowledge in the form of scientific articles so that they can be published without being limited by unnecessary technical problems. We are a team of passionate OJS professional, we have trusted by hundreds of clients order from around the globe with a successful and satisfaction rate of 100%.

Your OJS will be handled by the team consisting of web developers, server administrators, OJS support specialists who help you find solutions and directly handle your problems with Journal.


What they say about us ?

For us, any assignment our client gives us is an opportunity to contribute to the spread of knowledge

Open Journal Theme has excellent service, fast response, reasonable costs and humanitarian spirit.
We are proud to be the first customer or recipient of the company’s services in Afghanistan


Creating and compiling quality research is very costly. However, the next stage, which is the publication, also requires a lot of costs and work. With the OJS system, institutions can reduce the price of these publications and disseminate publications to the public. However, the implementation, maintenance, and configuration of OJS require technical knowledge.

The dissemination of scientific work is something that the writers really want. This is because the writer really wants the results of the scientific to be utilized as much as possible and a lot of people get benefit from their scientific article. However using the platform is another challenge from the research result itself. 

We are the professionals and experienced team built openjournaltheme.com  with the vision provide any academic publishing platform implementation more easier and secure. We believe that by doing such work we can participate to spread the positive value of knowledge to many others. This vision increase our daily motivation and passion for doing our work, it is very exciting knowing that we have run a business that bring positive impact to society. 

By building this site, we hope that we can reach more publishers and scientists so they  can focus more on writing and produce their best works. Leave all matters related to the academic platform problem, let our team that has years of experience and handles various application needs of such as OJS, OMP, OPS, Dspace, Eprint and other publishing/repositories platform including servers, security issues, and matters related to system implementation help you to implement your vision as a partner. 

Our Client

How we Can communicate ?

Transparent Process on your journal

We send you every progress about each of the work activity on the services that we have provided through online docs. You can comment on any progress we have made on the document. Client satisfaction is a must for any of our work because it is our chance to help them achieve their vision.

Our client can be comment and add some discussion on that report. By implementing this we strive the best for our client and transparent to our work.

Our Company Info

Company Info : 
   PT. Inovasi Informatik Sinergi
   Jalan Simpang Gusti VI, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia
    (1) support@openjournaltheme.com
    (2) openjournaltheme@gmail.com

Company Registration Number / Tax Identification Number: 
 AHU-0059072.AH.01.01 / 96.538.829.1-731.000
We are proud to be an Indonesian Company


Openjournaltheme.com started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

Under the legal company name :
Inovasi Informatik Sinergi Inc.

Secure Payment :

All the client’s financial account data is stored in the respective third-party site (such as Paypal, Wise and Direct Payment).
*Payment on Credit card can be done by request
Your financial account is guaranteed protection. We never keep any of the clients’ financial data.