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GDPR Consent


GDPR Consent plugin is an OJS 3 plugin that would give notification to the user about the use of cookies based on GDPR Law.
This plugin will save the status of the approval of any user to the database of this plugin (not the OJS plugin).
The data that will be saved are: status_of_consent (yes or no), unique_cookies value (random character), and time of user consent.
No private data will be saved for the visitors.

Project Manager

Hendra here, I love writing about OJS and share knowledge about OJS. My passion is about OJS, OMP platform and doing some research on creating a innovated product for that platform started in 2016 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS, OMP,  OPS,  Dspace, Eprints products and services. Our mission to help publishers to be more focus on their content research rather than tackled by many technical OJS issues.

Under the legal company name :
Inovasi Informatik Sinergi Inc.

Secure Payment :

All the client’s financial account data is stored in the respective third-party site (such as Paypal, Wise and Direct Payment).
*Payment on Credit card can be done by request
Your financial account is guaranteed protection. We never keep any of the clients’ financial data.