Cloud Host Term Of Services

Before deciding to use or cloud host package. We recommend to consider the Term Of Services regarding those services :


We provide OJS cloud Hosting based on the specification that we have the offer on the pricing page. We don’t use Cpanel or on some of our packages, we don’t provide our client with the host panel. This is considered for our client to make the server management easier and should be done by our professional team only.

We don’t provide any email server. This to make sure that the shared IP on our server never get blocked by any indexing services. We recommend the client to use the dedicated email provider such as Zoho or Gmail Business Suite.

We respect any license term as our work ethics. That’s why all software or product on these services, we are using the legal product such as free software, commercial software with a legal license that acquired by to use on our server.


We give support for all our client that are using our cloud OJS hosting services. This support including :

  1. Once a year OJS upgrade if a security fix released (not the new version upgrade) for at least 2 journals on the OJS system.
  2. Help our client to fix some common plugin or functionality on OJS system that does not work out (not bugfix any ojs core or plugin core)
  3. Free update on our products (theme and plugin) as long as our clients using our cloud services.
  4. Daily backup data (asset files) and database to an internal server and an external server.
  5. Setup monitoring services to monitoring domain up status.
  6. Upgrade our server or some application that reside on our server to optimize the security and functionality of our server.
  7. Fix immediately any problem on the server level that affects our client sites.
  8. Although we always make a double backup of our site clients, we recommend for any of our clients to do the manual periodic backup of their site.


  1. We don’t have any right on any asset or data of any clients that using our services and will not using their content for any purposes without their permission
  2. We are not responsible for any content that created by our clients that using our services
  3. We don’t allow any content related to prostitution, gambling, drug abuse, hoax or false information that intentionally created, child abuse, porn or any illegal content.
  4. Redistribute it to any purposes without the permission from our client

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