Why use OMP?

Why use OMP?

How important is OMP?

Let’s imagine this fact. One lecturer on the campus has written one book. This book, however, has to give a big impact on academic society and lead to many others cite this book in their scientific article.

Unfortunately, the author of the book never gets the deserved credit from this citation, his/her Google Scholar is empty or no one seems to have used his book as a reference even though this goes against the facts. This is caused that this book never published on the appropriate platform, the book may be published on some site but never get indexed by the indexing service such as GoogleScholar, Base, Microsoft Academia. The author never gets recognized for his/her work dedication although it may get thousand of citations if it was published by using some online appropriate publishing platform.

Let’s welcome OMP as a solution to this problem. You can use this OMP platform as a channel to publish your academic books and it is compatible with various indexing platforms, you can also redirect it to book purchases (if the book is commercial) to other platforms without any problems. OMP is built with the specific purpose compatibility of scholarly publishing such as a digital object identifier, google scholar citation analytic, and another citation service such as Dimensions, Crossmark tracking, and others. It will be different if you just using some WordPress site, campus site, put the book on the distribution channel site such as a marketplace or another third-party site since it is not built with the concept of the scholarly research publication platform.

By utilizing the OMP platform, authors get proper credit and official books can also be purchased directly so that they directly benefit the author without having to pay expensive distribution fees to the book distribution platform.

OMP is released to enrich the ecosystem of academic research publications. Different from OJS, OMP is used to support publication in book form.
The book can be a bundle of articles that on the same focus from the OJS platform or other works produced by other authors. The process of publication of the book can be done internally or by accepting any book submitted by some authors. Using OMP allows any visitor to get or import the citation with various format such Harvard, IEEE, APA and other, this feature only available with our theme for both the Catalog and Library OMP theme (this is the missing feature of the default OMP theme).

OMP and OJS how it is different?

OJS and OMP differences

By using OMP you will be facilitated by the same workflow process and interface as OJS or OPS. The book can get assigned with DOI, it can easily get imported with many citations (this feature is provided with our theme),
This will make the participants of the platform become familiar with the use of OMP.

The essential roles on the OMP platform provide author, editor, and reviewer that have distinct function on the publishing workflow. The may become a discussion between this party on the platform to improve the quality of the released book and it can send the notification on the specific participant.

By using the similar ecosystem of OJS you get the benefit of many plugins that is available by PKP Developer and another third-party developer on the OMP backend dashboard. You also get the consistent update for using the platform, as we know that PKP developers are doing a great job on maintaining the OJS system for about 20 years and have attracted other institutions or universities that contribute to the improvement of OJS, OPS, and OMP.

The Benefits of using OMP

As we have explained on the above paragraph, we will summarize the benefits of using OMP as book platform publishing.

For Institution:

  • Increase the publication process without depending on the other third party process
  • Increase the institution reputation for its commitment to the research publication
  • The book gets indexed with proper indexing services such as google and google scholar so it will get easier for others to find the book
  • The platform allows the institution to publish the past result of their institution lecturer book in which of many institutions have a lot of bundle of work that does not have an online version
  • A much cheaper option for implementing the book publishing platform rather than using the in-house application
  • Get supported by the active and online community on the PKP forum
  • Getting new updates once the new release of PKP announced and the plugin got improved gradually from time to time.
  • Process of book submission process can be tracked easily

For the Authors:

  • Additional credit for the author on the book publication
  • Increase the visibility of the book by allowing the online platform to publish it rather than just using the print out form
  • Author get recognizable by their work and allow the citation of their work get discovered by some indexing service such as on their GS account
  • Increase their book royalty for their book rather than publish it with a commercial book distribution channel.
  • The publication process can be monitored and knew by the author since each process on OMP will notify the author about the last status of their submission


OMP now is increasingly become a popular publishing platform as many of the institutions or independent publishers more aware of the benefit of using this OMP platform. This free software will decrease the need for software update cost since it always gets priority maintenance update from the developer. Although it is promising to get any benefit from this platform, it needs to be experienced technical knowledge to allow OMP to be used in your organization. It is also a need for a server since this platform is a self-hosted application. If you find interested in this OMP, our team also provides this service to help you on using this service as the base platform.

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