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What the difference between OMP and OJS

OMP and OJS are very popular among all. From universities, hospitals, and other institutions. For OJS, 2,755 installations have occurred in 2019.

Statistics that download OJS each year.

As for OMP, unfortunately there are no statistics on how many times people have installed OMP.

However, what is the difference between OMP and OJS?

So here, we will show the difference between the OMP and the OJS.

The origin of both software.

In short, both software were created and developed under the same non-profit research initiative, namely the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), where the software is free and open source, so you can modify / use OMP and OJS for free. The license is the GNU General Public License (GPL v3).

PKP developed OJS to increase access to research, increase the number of journal readers, and contribute to the public interest on a global scale where OJS has been used by as many as 10,000 journals from around the world.

As for the OMP, it is an open source software platform for managing and publishing scientific books. OMP has a workflow for managing books starting from Submission > Internal Review > External Review > Copyediting > Production.

What are the benefits of using OMP as a book publishing platform & OJS as an article publishing platform?

The main benefit on why many of publisher using OMP are they can use the same workflow for managing any book submission, increase the exposure to indexing service, allow for citation feature in OMP, improve the visibility of the source of the book and others features.

If you are used to OJS platform, using OMP is very easy because the interface and all the workflow is similar from OJS has to offered.

What is the different purpose of OMP and OJS?

OMP used for this :

  • Scientific books,
  • Monograph book,
  • And others related to books.
OMP Dashboard Preview
Preview the OMP dashboard display V 3.3+.

Many of the OJS publisher will collect some of the focused theme of their article and bundled this on the OMP platform to publish it as a book.

OJS used for :

  • Scientific journals,
  • Research Instrument article,
  • And others related to articles.
OJS Dashboard Preview
Preview the OJS dashboard display V 3.3+.

Why was the software created?

PKP developed OJS to increase access to research, increase the number of journal readers, and contribute to the public interest on a global scale.

Meanwhile, OMP provides convenience in managing and publishing scientific / related books online.

What should I use? OMP or OJS?

How to install OMP or OJS?

For an OJS installation guide, it’s here.

For an OMP installation guide, it’s here.


OMP and OJS are software created by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). Where, the software is free to download or modify. Both software are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL v3).

OMP is usually used by people to take care of providing, publishing a book online (Can be accessed via the internet).

For OJS, people are usually used to take care of the provision and publication of a journal / article online (Can be accessed via the internet).

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