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What is OJS Server Requirement?

OJS is the currently most popular journal submission, publishing, and review management platform. One of the reasons for this popularity is that this platform provides features that are needed by journal managers or users, such as google scholar features, Crossref, export-import, repositories in PKP PN, and Web archives, many indexing supports, various citation, and so on.

The use of OJS is also very profitable considering that investment on this platform tends to be cheaper compared to having to create an in-house platform or using others plaform. Besides the many official support from providers such as from Google Scholar, Crossref, Scopus / Elvesier, and so on.

But unfortunately in the experience of our team that has handled many of our clients, OJS is not necessarily compatible with general hosting that is intended for multi-purpose hosting. For example, we found that on certain hosting, not provided the right PHP version, unsupported PHP package applications, and so on. Unfortunately, the full download page provided by PKP does not entirely explain the most appropriate requirements for OJS.

In our OJS hosting that we provide, we have properly set up and optimized security, automatic daily backups by our servers that are placed on Google servers, and support from our professional team. Our cloud hosting is configured specialized for OJS use purposes. For details on this can be seen on the following page.

Here are some Server Requirements that are right for your OJS :

Minimum Server Requirement : 

  1. Operating System: Windows / Linux Based
  2. Minimal HD Space: 500MB
  3. RAM: 500MB
  4. Apache > 2.46  version
  5. Curl installed and available
  6. Mysql 4.1 / MariaDB 10 / PostgreSQL 8.0
  7. PHP 7.2 with php package :
    • php-xml 
    • php-curl
    • php-mbstring
    • php-mysql (use mysqli as ojs database connection)
    • Php-pgsql (optional for Postgre db)

Recommended Server Requirement : 

  1. Operating System: Windows / Linux Based
  2. HD Space : 2 GB (will need to expand as the journal grows)
  3. RAM : 1 GB
  4. Apache 2 with available module
    • mod_rewrite
    • mod_deflate
    • mod_gzip 
    • mod_http2 
    • mod_ssl
  5. Curl installed and available
  6. Mysql 5.7 / MariaDB 10  / PostgreSQL 8.0 with UTF8 Unicode support
  7. PHP 7.3 with php package :
    • php-xml
    • php-curl
    • php-mbstring
    • php-json
    • php-mysql (use mysqli as ojs database connection)
    • Php-pgsql (optional for Postgre db)
    • php-gettext
  8. Tar/Zip command allowed (for installing the plugin)

Note that :
Using Nginx (as we have use on our cloud OJS hosting) may increase the performance for your OJS but should be done a complex configuration. 

We also recommend that you set up this feature which will be very useful in the daily OJS usage : 

  1. Google Recaptcha
  2. Email notification integrated with OJS installation 
  3. Orcid Integration to OJS
  4. DOI registration with DOI provider vendor

If you know of any other packages or applications that we have missed, please let others know by commenting on this post.

Thank you.

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