openjournaltheme price adjustment

Openjournaltheme will make price adjustments to the theme that we will do in the next few weeks, we will increase our base price. The price adjustment is related to the quality of service and theme that we will improve for openjournaltheme clients.

Why do we make price adjustments?

– We will use images that enable us to distribute the image with a license and a better quality image and free problem on the future for all our clients.
– We want all our team focus on as consequence we need their commitment and time.
– It is about quality, we want to add quality to the themes we have created and the services we provide.
– For all OJS 3.1XX or 3.2xx themes, We have confirmed that there are no bugs critical on the theme that we have released last.

Here are the details of the Price Adjustment that we will apply :

Academic Pro
First package – $85 -> $185
Second Package $160 -> $250
Institutional Package $295 -> 480

Academic Pro Extendend
First package $75 -> $130
Second Package  $140 -> $285
Institutional Package –  $270 -> $380

First package $295 -> $480
Second Package $495 -> $630
Institutional Package  $785 -> $980

Issue by year (plugins)
$75 -> $150
*this price will be valid within the next 7 days

What about our previous customer?
We will still give the 50% from the previous base price for the customer that have purchase our theme before we give this announcement for the first year extension of our product.

*Clients who have made purchases for lifetime theme usage before we apply price adjustments are not affected by this policy going forward



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