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How our product and Service help many publisher ?

Openjournaltheme contribution

Our team at Open Journal Theme has a high dedication to producing truly high-quality products for our clients through in-depth research and implementing feasible element features for component parts on our products, especially themes. We realize that a good product needs the investment of time, cost, and professional skills to be used by qualified journals. The front end part or theme is the first impression that shows credibility and will play a role in increasing the trust of journal visitors.

For this, we are careful in building each product that we provide in our theme. In fact, one of our themes was built in about 8 months (Unify Theme) and around 5 months for the Academic Pro theme. We do this to ensure that the product themes we create are unique and have exclusive features.

We also continue to develop this theme along with various suggestions from our users. We are also pleased that our clients’ concern and involvement in the development of this theme also contributed to positive feedback to improve the features and compatibility of our themes. We certainly can make this happen because we uphold the principle of involvement in our products as a principle that we must apply.

How our team help many journals increase their ranking

Some of our valued clients are always regarded as partners, so we always establish communication with them. This is important because our orientation is more long term partners than just selling products to them.

The following are their personal testimonies of our services:

#Journal Antropologia             #Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences          #Journal of Gastric Surgery

This step was appreciated by many of our clients. Among them we often get updates related to how it turns out the products (themes) and services we provide contribute to the trustability, reputation and ranking of their journals.

One of them is from our Client Barbara from Brazil who said that after they used our theme there was a significant increase in the value of CiteFactor for all journals that used our theme in their OJS.

Appreciation from our valuable clients

#Journal Biologic and Health

Or from one of our clients who stated that after they used our products and services it helped to increase their journal rankings to Q1 in Scopus Indexing so that it made their number 1 journal in the field of Humanity in India.

#Jurnal Agro Industri Perkebunan

We are very happy,
Because we received information from the Editor in Chief of the Agro Industri Perkebunan journal that their journal is currently registered with the DOAJ indexing, we are very happy that this happened when their journal bought and used our Classy Themes product. The journal manager also told that before being registered in the DOAJ indexing journal they had registered 3 times but the results always failed.

No more than 2 months of the journal, many benefits have been obtained using the Classy theme, not only making the appearance elegant, but their journal has also been successfully registered in DOAJ indexing.


#Jurnal Automotive Experiences

And again we are very happy to have received a message of appreciation from our clients who use Academic Pro theme products, since using our theme the journal has been successfully listed on one of the very important Scopus indexing.

We are very grateful and proud of the achievements of several journals that have had a good impact after using our theme. Some of these achievements make our team very happy to be able to contribute to improving the quality of the journal and to encourage us to continue to produce quality products for journal managers and users.

The successes of our clients are valuable achievements for us in supporting our vision of advancing the dissemination and knowledge through our quality products.Tags :

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