How to upgrade OJS from version 3.1.1 to 3.1.2

It is nice to know that OJS version is always improve from version 1 to version 3. The majority of user of OJS 3 is using the version, as OJS administrator we need to update the OJS as it released. By using the latest version of OJS, our site would become faster, secure and can utilize many of the new features.

The latest version of OJS right now is 3.1.2. It fine if you do not want to upgrade but we recommend to use the minimal version since it is the secure one for OJS before the latest release..

However if you need to use the features that already developed by the OJS team let we upgrade the OJS version from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2. If you curious what the bugfix and the new features, you can check the list here.

Important :
Before we doing the upgrade process please backup your OJS sites and database to external drive.

Backup your OJS 3.1.1 by copy-paste it to new folder named OJS 3.1.1

Upgrading OJS 3.1.1 to OJS 3.1.2

1. Download the New OJS 3.1.2 package from this link

2. Upload the downloaded file to your server name the folder OJS3.1.2

3. Copy this file/folder from the previous OJS version (3.1.1) to the new version (OJS 3.1.2)

– public/

4. Enter your OJS 3.1.2 folder find the file. Change installed config in the file

From On to Off

5. Access your OJS site with your browser and find the section that shown as image below then click the word on the yellow highlight :

Next you need to confirm upgrade action by clicking the button as shown below :

Wait until finished.

  1. Return the configuration on the file to On again.

If you are use our Professional Academic Pro Theme you may find that your site would be look messy after upgrade process.

Your OJS index site would be get messed. 😃

No I am kidding.

Fix the theme Appearance

We would fix it the theme since new upgrade not recognize the cache of your template.

  1. Login to your administrator
  2. Access Dashboard
  3. Download the theme (make sure it is the right version – Academic Pro theme version 2.+)
  4. Place the folder as you previously download to the /plugins/themes/
  5. Extract there
  6. Enable the theme on the dashboard – plugins – theme section
  7. Select the theme in the appearance page.
  8. Just Click the Save button on the appearance page after the theme is selected.
  9. Refresh you journal index page and see the result

Congrat : We had finished the upgrade process.

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