How to solve DB Error: Unknown column ‘Array’ in ‘where clause’ »

How to solve DB Error: Unknown column ‘Array’ in ‘where clause’

On OJS version 3.1.2.X  when you accessing the article detail page you may encounter the error as “DB Error: Unknown column ‘Array’ in ‘where clause’.
This error is not caused by the theme as many of our customers ask us about this issue. This error caused by the RecommendedByAuthor plugin or bug on that plugin. This plugin tries to query and search on the database for any of the submission data that have the same article written by the selected author.

When you activating the Stack Trace error, you will find this error trace :

How to solve this : 
To solve this issue you need to take these steps :
1. Open the submission metadata based on the Article Details as you have selected.

2. Hover the author edit

3. See the URL on the left bottom of your screen that shows the author id on that link as for example the author id is :

keep that number which is 6622 as the author id.

4. Login to your database control panel, for example, you can use the PHPMyAdmin.
open the table: author_settings on your ojs database and run this query :

SELECT * FROM `author_settings` where author_id = 6622

as you can see we use 6622 as the author_id parameter. After running that query you will find the list of author settings and will find the author setting with some JSON encoded string on the affiliation.

You need to edit and update that to the string only for the right University name only and remove the JSON encoded style for example :


You now can access the article page and try again to see that the problem is resolved.

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