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How to make/publish announcement on OJS 3

If you want to say/tell something to all readers of your OJS site but you don’t know how to say it. On the OJS website, there is an “Announcement” feature where you can announce to readers of your OJS website.


So here, i will show you how to make an announcement for your OJS site.

However, before starting this tutorial. Your OJS account must have the role of:

  • Journal manager,
  • Journal editor,
  • Production editor.

at least 1 in 3 roles above.

Q: Why do we have to have at least 1 of the three roles mentioned?
A: Because if you don’t have one of the roles mentioned, then you can’t make an announcement. Unless you use an admin account (highest account).

Q: How do I get the role?
A: You can request a role from the owner of the OJS site or from the 3 roles above.

The process of publishing the announcement

Adding “Announcement type” (Optional)

If you want the announcement have the announcement type you can add “Announcement typeotherwise you can skip this.

Go to your Dashboard, select Announcements -> “Announcement Type”, then select “Add Announcements Type”.

Adding an announcement type

Then enter the name of the type of announcement you want and then “Save”.

assign a name for announcement type

Adding an announcement

Select Announcements -> “Add Announcements”.

Adding an "Announcement"

Then enter the type of announcement that we made earlier (“An Example Announcement Type”) if you adding an announcement type otherwise you can select “None”. Then fill in the announcement data according to your needs and when finished, select “Save”.

Tips : Examples as shown below.

Set a name for the "Announcement" and the announcement type. then fill in the announcement data.
You can add an image / code by clicking on the icon image.

If you have filled in the announcement data. Select “View Site” to see the results.

The result

and this is the result. An announcement yay!


So, to be able to provide announcements or information about your OJS journal, we need to make an announcement so that readers & authors can find out information about the OJS journal sites they visit.

So, hopefully this is useful.

PKP OJS official website :

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