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How to fix the invalid DOI url target?

Sometimes when you are using the same database with your live version of OJS whether you are testing the OJS or doing some maintenance to another server, this unfortunately will lead to the DOI URL record get updated to the new URL that is not correct.

Actually based on their official page (DOI) this will not a problem because this will only temporary :

The DOI will update their record and follow the new URL for any resources that have registered on the DOI provider.

However, as we have experienced, in some cases, some of the resources never get updated to be redirected to the correct URL. To solve this problem we will explain some steps that you can take to overcome this problem. Note that this article only covers the DOI from the Crossref provider and only for the article. The step will be different from other providers of DOI.

Login to the OJS and Download the article XML

To be able to download the XML file for the article, you can access the following menu :

Access the Crossref link on the page :

After that you can select any article that need to get download the XML file :

after you have download the XML you can keep it for later use.

Login to CrossRef DOI Management

To login to the CrossRef DOI management, you can access this official CrossRef page:

After you have logged in with your credential and access this tab :

Upload the downloaded XML on this page!

After you have uploaded it you can check on the Show System Queue tab as for an example previewed below :

Wait for a moment for CrossRef to process the XML file

Later you can wait for the CrossRef server to update the resource URL that you have submitted.

For a temporary fix, you can also make a script in htaccess to redirect the URL to the correct URL and you can also trace the redirect status with this command :

wget https://your_doi_record 2>&1 | grep Location: 

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