How to fix contains invalid characters on DOI assignment?
fix contain invalid characters OJS 3

How to fix contains invalid characters on DOI assignment?

One of our clients that using OJS 3, he has difficulties with the DOI assignment by using CrossRef Plugins. When he click the Deposit button it will get failed and will return something like this when the failed label gets clicked :

The status of the DOI metadata sending return : contains invalid characters

After we pay attention to the error, we find out that the article contains character that taken from issue with space character or in UTF will be converted to % character.

Unfortunately some of the articles that are contained on the same issue labeled as active mean that the DOI is reserved successfully on the DOI site.

We try to find the reference on the CrossRef site and find out that DOI only allows approved character :

As we checked it did not show that it allow space or % for DOI url. So DOI identifier like this is will be invalid : remcb.v41i2%20(nov.).880

We become suspisious about any article that have illegal meta data but labeled as active on this plugin. We checked the previous article that labeled as Active in the doi url checker by entering their DOI :

enter the doi identifier and check is it available on their server ?
The DOI is not found on the server

We find out that the previous article is false active status so we need to fix this DOI for many articles. Here how we fix it :

How we fix the issue

After learning that our client uses the illegal character when assigning the DOI which is taken from the Issue Identifier we remove the space and change the data on issue meta data.

This is the cause of space and error on the DOI

Open the DOI Plugin Setting and then click Reassign the DOI

Click the Settings
Reassign the DOIs on every article to clear the cache of saved DOI
Assign the new DOIs after you have removed the reassign DOI

Open the CrossRef XML Export Plugin

On the Article Tab you should re-deposit the article that previously get failed on assignment.

By taking these step we successfully assign the DOI of any article of our clients.

Let share if you have another problem regarding the DOI assignment issue.

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