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How to disable submission on OJS 3.3x?

Submisssion on OJS is there first step before get processed in the later workflow process. However, It may on special occasions on your journal you want to disable the submission because you need to halt the process of submission because of the upgrade process, accreditation, or evaluation process by some institution or other thing.

Here we will give you insight for disabling this submission on your journal :

Preview, submission has been disabled successfully.

Disable submissions at OJS 3.3 or higher

1. First, go to the dashboard page. Then, select Workflow.

2. On the Workflow, select “Disable Submissions” and click “Save”.

And now people/authors can’t submit or access the submissions. It’s very easy isn’t it in OJS 3.3x?



Disabling the submission on OJS is very easy. This feature can help your journal halt the process of submission of OJS when there is some plan that needs to be done by the journal manager. It also can help the OJS technical team to do something with OJS such as when it is on the upgrade process and other technical things. I hope it is clear enough for disabling the submission on the OJS. Let share us if you know another way in the comments below.

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