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How to change article submission date and published date

For some OJS themes, the date data are displayed on the detail article page or the journal index page. This theme usually uses a date that is automatically retrieved from the OJS database. To change this data, you need to take a technical approach to make changes to the OJS database.

The following methods will be run on OJS version 3.2.x. These steps may be different for other OJS versions.

The following steps are described in detail :

Editing the submission date

  1. Open The Phpmyadmin on your server, select the database used by your OJS.

  2. Determine the ID of the article by looking at the end number when you access the article detail page.

    For example, in this case we will use the number 60.

  3. In the next step, you need to open the submission table and write in the query column the following command:

  4. Run the query by clicking “Go

  5.  Edit the date_submitted column by double-clicking on the value of that column

     and Save


Editing the publication date of the article:

Please do the same method as the above steps until step 2

  1. Run the following query
  2. Then edit the value in the “date_published” column

  3. Save the change

Bonus : 

You can also edit the article publication date by using OJS or without access to the database editor / PHPMyAdmin. This can be done by access the article data on the OJS backend: 

  1. Unpublished the article First / Make sure the status is Unscheduled

  2. Access the Issue tab 

  3. Edit the Date Published section 

    The default value will be empty as the date published will be taken from the issue publication date. 

Furthermore, if you encounter problems, please write them in the comments

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