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How to add an ORCID record on OJS?

One of the main advantages of using OJS in the publishing system is it is provided with rich plugins from many third parties that is important for article and author visibility. For the author, OJS provides ORCID integration on its system. 

In this article we will explain how the ORCID plugin works on OJS. By explaining this integration we are sure that you as an author or journal manager understand optimizing this plugin on your OJS. This article focused after you have configured the ORCID plugin setting on your OJS explains some differences between using ORCID plugin and adding the ORCID id on the profile page without using the plugin. 

What is ORCID iD?

If you don’t know what is ORCID, based on their official page : 

“ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID iD) that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher. You can connect your iD with your professional information — affiliations, grants, publications, peer review, and more. You can use your iD to share your information with other systems, ensuring you get recognition for all your contributions, saving you time and hassle, and reducing the risk of errors.” ORCID site

Getting an ORCID iD is free for researchers. Just like DOI, which is a persistent record for any content, ORCID is a digital identifier that belongs to the researcher. There are many benefits for researchers by having an ORCID iD.

Benefits of using ORCID iD

You will enjoy these benefits with your ORCID iD:

  • You will be distinguished from every other researcher, even researchers who share your same name,
  • ORCID iD is a way to distinguish any researcher even they have the same name
  • The ORCID iD will periodically update and crawl the internet to find your work and put it on your page
  • Integration to many ecosystems will make it easier since many platforms use data from ORCID iD. 
  • You as a researcher gain more visibility on your contribution to science. 
  • Your ORCID page will be a portfolio and recognition for your work. 
  • It is free and forever.

This article emerged as we were questioning what is the difference between activating ORCID plugin and manually inserting ORCID id on the author profile page. There are two ways of adding an ORCID record on your OJS. Let us explain that in later narration. 

Adding manually

You can add an ORCID record manually. To add the record manually, it means that you are not using the  ORCID plugin or not activating the plugin, the journal editor or the author itself can add the 

Here is the step : 

As a journal manager. 

  1. Access the article on the OJS backend 
  2. Click the publication tab and access the contributor menu and click author edit 
  1. Add the ORCID record here : 

And Save the form

As an author

  1. Login the the journal 
  2. Access this menu on the top right on the OJS backend 
  1. In the Edit Profile page, access the Public tab then you can edit the ORCID record 

And click the Save button.

 Add using ORCID plugin

After you have successfully configured the ORCID plugin, here are some ways that allow users to add their ORCID id. 

By using the plugin, the journal manager cannot manually add any author for his/her ORCID record. 

The journal manager / journal editor can only request the author to assign and approve the ORCID record for their article. 

Here how it can be done : 

As a journal manager. 

  1. Access the article on the OJS backend 
  2. Click the publication tab and access the contributor menu and click author edit

Make sure the email system is working without any problem on ojs because, in this step, OJS will send an email to the author for authorizing the ORCID record on the journal. 

Here is the email that OJS will send to the author email account :

After an author click the “Connect your ORCID iD” link, it will be redirect to the journal page with this content :

Before we go forward on explaining the integration of the ORCID, here are some advantages using ORCID plugin on your OJS. 

Some benefit on using the ORCID Plugin : 

  1. No error typing on adding the ORCID record because it will be done automatically 
  2. Author works can be easily get retrieved by ORCID 
  3. Registration from any author can be done easily since all the data will be inserted automatically once the author authorized the ORCID access
  4. Increase the journal’s professionalism by providing the ORCID integration on the registration process. 

 As an author

  1. Login the journal
  2. Access this menu on the top right of the OJS backend

In the Edit Profile page, access the Public tab then you can add the ORCID record by authorizing ORCID to fill the record. 

That’s it, simple right?

After you have integrate the ORCID record for the author, the ORCID iD will be shown on the article detail page and visitor can review the credibility of the author from the external source.
We hope this article giving some light to you on adding the ORCID iD on your journal.
Thank you for reading.

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