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Donation to the civilian of Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russia began a military operation in the state of  Ukraine, many articles describe this as a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that had begun in 2014. It is the largest military attack in Europe since World War II.

It is tragic what happens to the citizen of Ukrania. Although the world has more humanitarian issues such as the economic disaster caused by the pandemic in the third countries, the hunger issue, education issue, refugees from eastern to western caused complicated conflict, global warming, and other more issue that need to take attention. 

We cannot comment on the war’s root cause and the intention of what happens to the Ukrania government and the Government of Russia, it is what we cannot understand in a political sense. Sometimes to get the picture of it just becomes blurred in the era of media monopoly. Whatever the root cause we do not agree that the solution is a war. The most devastated victim of the war is always a civilian that does not understand the intention of both state governments. We do not position ourselves as neutral in this conflict. We are sided with the Ukrainian civilians

Our company highly sympathizes with the children, men, and women in this war conflict. As our company stands with a mission to help the humanitarian issue we believe as we have helped many of our clients that publishing a useful article about knowledge that leads to a better positive impact in this world. We are consistent with our mission to help humanity issues as we have done by donating our income in April 2021 to our brother in India. Now, we will do the same to many of the victims of the war by giving our commitment by donating 10% of our profit from today to 15 April 2022 to humanity’s issue in Ukrania. Our commitment will be the profit that we have to get from products selling and doing transactions on our site. (not donating to the army of Ukrainian since we believe the most suffer from this tragedy is civilians). 

We are saddened when a father loses his daughter. A mother separated from her children. Uncertainty about the fate of the civilians who fled and were separated from their hometowns caused by this war. A family that cannot sleep at night by hearing the orchestra of air striking and by not knowing that they are safe from this attack.

Yes, we understand that our donation will be small since we are just a small start-up that believes that our existence will give benefit others. Our income cannot be compared with an institution that gets a high amount of sponsor and support from many universities in Europe and the American continent or as a big company that sell very high price on their product. Our overall revenue comes from selling themes, plugins, and hosting that we provide without any sponsorship from any party. However, we believe that any single donation will be valuable to the victim of this war and it is mostly civilians. We are far from Ukrania and Europe Continent but we are very grateful that our team’s existence can give a positive impact on another human from another faraway country.

Proof of donation :

We have donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Learn more by visiting this link.
Yes, we are aware that the nominal that we have donated is very small (409 in USD currency), this is due to what our company has achieved in sales between 15 March to 15 April 2022. However, we believe that this will help this foundation to help more civilians as it is congruent with our vision of helping humanity when we first built this company.

We thank you in advance for your contribution by helping us in this donation program.

Update on 11 February 2023

We get contact from one of our new clients from Ukrania, and we add more donations to the people that still suffer from the war that until today is never end.

We add more donations in the early year 2023. Thank you Prof. Yuriy we can distribute directly the cloth for protecting people in Ukranian from the cold. This is made possible with the very help of Prof. Yuriy. Our hearts bloom with happiness by knowing that our team can have a positive humanity impact far abroad to Ukranian.

Here are some of the images for the material that we have donated to Ukrainian people :

We thank you so much for our clients that allow us to make this donation. This act of humanity from our company would never be possible without the support from you as our customers.

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