About Us

Creating and compiling quality research is very costly. However, the next stage, that is publication, also requires a lot of cost. With OJS system, institutions can reduce the price of these publications and disseminate publications to the public. However the implementation, maintenance and configuration of OJS need skilled web development person.

The dissemination of scientific work is something that the writers really want. This is because the writer really wants the results of the scientific to be utilized as much as possible and a lot of people get benefit from their scientific article.

We the professionals and experienced team built openJournaltheme.com have a vision that the implementation of the OJS system in each institution can be easily indexed by both Google search engines and other providers. We believe that by doing such work more people can read any result of article published by institution. By gaining more reader, the article itself can be used by many people for the good purpose.

By building this site, we hope that scientists can focus more on writing and produce their best works. Leave all matters related to your OJS problem with our team that has years of experience and handles various application needs of OJS, servers, security issues and matters related to system implementation.

With the various services we offer we hope that we can also contribute to the development of science and improvement of journal publication.